Beginners Guide To Getting High | Top-5 Strains for Begginers


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Beginners Guide To Getting High

No matter what your age chances are your first encounter with weed had you out of your FREAKING mind, laughing and most likely sketched the F out at some point during your first little session. Now, whether you went back for more probably was governed by your first time experience. Were you wigged out under a blanket, pounding water all night desperately trying to get back to normalcy? If so then… never again! If you were of the of type that didn’t jump back in fear of jumping off the deep-end, we’ve laid out a nice set of strains that will keep you in a good place mentally or physically.

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Cannabis comes in many forms that are all accompanied by respective properties. The matrix of effect is ruled by these properties and you should get a touch of understanding to put things in perspective.

Most folks by now have some understanding of the difference between THC and CBD. THC gets your mind off to the races while CBD is differentiated for its non-psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits. The three main plants are Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids which are determined by their respective genetics, plant profile, and effects. Each plant has its own unique set of terpenes that provide distinct flavour profiles and aroma.

For beginners we don’t recommend you get going with any pure concentrates. Shatter is NOT a good starting point unless you enjoy face melting feelings and donkey kicks to the dome.

So, beginners start your engine! here’s a short list of some flower strains that will get you lifted without leaving earth’s atmosphere.

1. This strain is quite fun to talk about because of Ashley, our beloved live chat queen, but it’s even more fun to smoke! The Ashley’s Cookies #1 strain is customized genetics strain. The nose on this strain will grab your attention real quick. It’s very, very sweet and pungent. It’ll have your nose glued inside the bag, unable to lift your head because you want some more of that sweet goodness.

Ashley’s Cookies #1 – Early 4/20 Special.

2. This particular pheno we have received provides a very clear-headed and blissful high which allows for it to be smoked all-day, everyday… whenever you want.

Frosty Jack Herer – Early 4/20 Special.

3. It is a true testament to what cannabis can do as a medicine. A bonus of keeping this one around is for the unfortunate scenario of getting too high from other strains. Take a puff of Harle-Tsu to bring yourself back to Earth.

Harle-Tsu #9

4. The strong, thick, smooth smoke of this bud is lung expansive and is ideal for treating asthma patients. The rest of its effects make Lime Sour Diesel perfect for treating chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Lime Sour Diesel (LSD) – New Price.

5. While undeniably strong, Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Meaning you don’t need to clear your schedule for this baby.

Space Nuken – Early 4/20 Special.

Try em’ out!