earthly microdosing available at whitepalm

Microdosage terrestre

Enhance your life with all-natural psilocybin microdose formulas. Formulated by experts.

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Our goal at Earthly Microdosing is to provide all Canadians (and some day the rest of the world) the ability to access a variety of safe, tested, and high quality psychedelic products.


Each of our custom formulations include a wide array of healthy supplements and adaptogens – all of which are certified organic – that help foster or enhance the many potential benefits of microdosing psychedelics.

The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. All of our microdosing products are carefully sourced, often locally but not always (varying strains of mushrooms grow stronger in other parts of the world). Every product is manufactured and tested in a GMP compliant facility. This ensures the safety and quality of our products.

earthly microdosing available at whitepalm

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