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The Quarry produces premium quality flowers and pure CO2 concentrates – the purist prospects for the cannabis connoisseur. All of their weed honey oils is independently lab-tested in a Health Canada-approved laboratory.

All products go through a rigorous approval process in order to guarantee optimal effects and health.

All The Quarry weed honey oils and products are independently lab-tested in a Health Canada-approved laboratory.

If you’re not familiar with using the oils, dabbing involves vaporizing a marijuana concentrate and then inhaling the resultant fumes. Concentrate means that you get a stronger, more potent version of the original cannabis flower.

Typically honey oil is the transition period between flower and shatter or budder but in this case The Quarry has left it in it’s wonderful honey form for you to easily enjoy. Whether you’re going to dab it, squeeze some out in your joint, or refill your cannabis vape pen, honey oil is for everyone.

The Quarry is based out of British Columbia, Canada guaranteeing the freshest of flowers and premium concentrates.

The Quarry C02 Honey Oil has become incredibly popular over time and is now known to be one of the industry leaders.

Weed honey oil is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant material

Strains available in Honey Oil: Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Kush, Pennywise, Quantum Kush, Marionberry Kush, & more to come.

Available in 0.5ml and 1ml syringes.

Hundreds of online reviews stating how great the oil tastes and how potent it is compared to competition.

The Quarry
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