Cannabis has seen a transformation from just a recreational drug to a valid way to treat real symptoms of a wide range of illnesses and disorders. As it’s moved beyond just smoking joints we’ve seen a multitude of methods evolve from just smoking flowers. One of the more refined processes that give patients more control of dosage of contents of the medicine is Cannabis THC pills. This method uses purified Cannabis Oil in gel caps which contain THC each one with its own benefits for dealing with different ranges of symptoms. These Cannabis pills are a healthier alternative to smoking as no damage is done to the lungs.

The difference of Cannabis THC vs CBD in gel caps

THC is the main component when it comes to the “high” associated with Cannabis use. It’s the psychoactive compound that produces these effects. Stress relief, an increase in appetite and a sedating effect which helps with sleep are the main reasons people will be interested in Cannabis THC pills, there is also some relief from minor chronic pain as well. Cannabis CBD pills on the other hand are not known for their high, these pills contain much less psychoactive compounds users are finding that although they are not as strong as Cannabis THC pills they are much more practical for everyday use for your average users looking for relief from minor symptoms. Without the stoned effect users can go about their day and function much more effectively in their daily tasks as opposed to Cannabis THC pills

Some Extraction Processes are better than others

When it comes to how the THC Pills are made the extraction process can make a significant difference and you should know the difference before you buy them. For a lot of today’s extracts the goal is all about high THC yields and health doesn’t really factor into it. This is especially the case when Butane is used to do the extraction. Butane is a gas normally found in liter fluid, it’s a fat soluble compound and as THC is not water soluble it’s quite effective in leeching out the THC from the plant material. The problem is that Butane isn’t exactly healthy for you and if the oil isn’t purged properly it can still remain in the THC Pills. There is an alternative method that is much better for you though, CO2 Supercritical extraction doesn’t use a chemical like Butane to extract THC. Instead it uses natural Carbon Dioxide gas under very high pressure that turns the CO2 into a liquid which is then used to do the extraction. This method leaves nothing toxic behind and is considered a much healthier alternative to Butane. So when you look to buy THC pills online be sure to find out what method is used and if possible opt for a CO2 method. Your body will thank you for it.

Cannabis Strains effects and choosing the right one for you

At its core the Cannabis plant has two major strains, Indica and Sativa. These two types offer vastly different results when used as a medicine. Indica is the most common type and is responsible for the more classical effects associated with smoking weed. It produces a more sedating effect which is beneficial for users experiencing anxiety and other stress related symptoms; it also can be effective in managing chronic pain and sleep disorders. Sativa on the other hand is characterised by its more uplifting effects, often referred to as it’s more “cerebral effects” it does not promote sleep and is recommended for daytime use. That uplifting effect has also led users to use Sativa to help with mild depression with some users even going as far as using it as a replacement for anti-depressants.

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