100mg THC Orange Grapefruit Stars

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THC Gummies

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THC Gummies
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Astro 100mg THC Orange Grapefruit Gummy Stars are a delicious infusions of wonderfully paired flavours with expertly infused gummies. 2 x 50mg stars per pack. And so super tasty, wow.

Infused with only the best THC distillate extract that BC has to offer, the 100mg THC Orange Grapefruit Gummy Stars pack has 2 potent and delicious gummies. Eat a full one and get ready to blast off. Eat 2 and WOW.

The effects are top notch. SOLID body stone with some head high. Perfect for edible lovers – you will be very happy. Perfect for daytime, nighttime, watching movies, going to parties, dealing with chronic pain, and relaxation.

100mg THC Orange Grapefruit Gummy Stars Specs:

– 50mg of THC per Orange Grapefruit Gummy Stars
– 2 stars per pack
– 100mg THC per pack total

Orange Grapefruit Gummy Stars Ingredients:

Pure THC distillate + for other ingredients please refer to the product image in the gallery.

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astronaut edibles weed edibles brand canada
Tasty astronaut sweets!
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Astronaut Edibles is based on the West Coast of Canada with operations running in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Their edibles are made by experienced food connoisseurs, who have been in the food industry for over 15 years. They are proud to bring you tasty, edible, sweets that are out of this world. We are sure once you try their products you will see the difference.

THE ASTRONAUTS VISION: Astronaut Edibles was formed by a group of edible lovers just like you. Everyone at Astros are passionate about our products and cannabis in general. They started out wanting to find the perfect tasting, and dosage for a wide range of people. When they say our products high quality, they mean it. WhitePalm backs this claim!


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