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Chocolat THC
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Introducing the 500mg THC Cookies and Cream Bar from the Chocolit experts. There is no need to grind to get high. Let your grinders rest and get your buzz with these tasty treats.

When it comes to cannabis and chocolate, Chocolit sets the bar very high with their 500mg THC Cookies and Cream Bar. Literally.

Bringing the most popular flavours in confection to a lineup of high end edibles.

Using only premium THC distillate to infuse their craft creations, these bars will get you very stoned without having to forfeit a tasty treat.

Bomb dot com. These are dangerous because they are so delicious and effective. Haha.

500 mg
Cookies and Cream
Effets :
Nice balanced body and head stone
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Straight our of BC, Canada. Bringing consumers the most popular flavours in confection to the world’s best cannabis. No shortcuts. Professionally made.


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