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Aged ‘Greasy’ Pink Bubba

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30 réponses à “Aged ‘Greasy’ Pink Bubba”

  1. brad dit :


    Camt believe there actually a step above the greasy pink bubba. This stuff is amazing in every way. Super potent aged perfectly. WOW!

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  2. chris richardson dit :


    Love it!,

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  3. Micheal Greene dit :

    Nice treat

    High all. My first order and review for this Cannabis site. I stumbled across this site while looking for a new one to order from. The previous site I ordered from had just changed from rec/med cannabis to strictly medical cannabis meaning you needed a medical card and go through an online meeting and so on. I do not have a medical card and have no plan to get one. I do appreciate the medical side of weed as I have rheumatoid arthritis and some pretty nasty anxiety. But honestly, I like to get high! I noticed this site had some craft weed qualities and were getting known for “Aged” greasy pink bubba. I did find one or two other great sites but none of them really had anything crazy like this. I mean a great strain like Pink Bubba…..Greasy…..Aged? Had to try it. $80? Oh well, I’ll treat myself.

    I purchased the max “eighth” allowed for the aged greasy pink bubba, half oz. of Greasy Blueberry cause it’s my fav strain lately, and a quarter of the Old Country OG, a first time drop for this site. Pretty cool! So ya I was super excited for this order!

    Got my order. A little shocked at the very plain packaging and little info. But you know what?, it’s just packaging. The aged bubba came in a hard pill bottle style container. Cool. The other two items were in clear ziplocks. All good.

    Greasy Blueberry looks and smells amazing! Buds are medium and fairly dense. Nice colour and most definitely covered in crystals! Haven’t sampled this yet but my mouth is salivating as I smell the stronger than usual Blueberry scent.

    Old Country OG is amaze balls to look at. Just a different looking, BIG buds! Covered in trichomes. Smell is kinda fresh dirt, earthy and sweet. A beautiful indica! I’m so an indica fan!

    K so Aged Greasy Pink Bubba? I usually go for bong rips but wanted to explore this bud. Wicked awesome trim job on these small to medium sized nugs. Opened the container and WHAT A NOSE! Beautiful smell of Pink Kush and Bubba! Like super strong and sweet! Wow! So covered in yummy trichomes all the way through! So sticky! Looks like a dark death bubba bud. After seeing and smelling this I decided I needed to roll a joint so I could get the full flavour. I smoked half the joint and love the flavour. It is very pronounced and similar to the smell. Nice thick white smoke. Very heavy. Burns nice but ash is kinda dark. Oh ya, I’m pretty baked hahahaha! So happy!

    Overall I give this a 5/5. It’s expensive but honestly where else do you get stuff like this? Once in a while you gotta buy something to get the experience and when a supplier like South Coast gets a product like this to a site like White Palm, it’s a win win. Go get you some ridiculously dank greasy aged treats and smile cause you can!

    Hope you enjoyed my review all. I gotta go finish that joint lol. Cheers!!

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  4. Adam dit :

    I swear the negative reviews are meant to mis-lead people so that those that have tried can buy more before it's gone

    YEAH. THIS STUFF SUCKS *wink wink*…. it’s just terrible. Don’t buy it so that I can buy more. LOL.

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  5. Lisa Pavao dit :

    # 1

    Absolutely love this stuff, such an amazing high?

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  6. Bryan Calvert dit :


    Not worth the price! Greasy pink and greasy ghost better bang for buck, tho they’re not cheap.

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  7. Kevin dit :

    Its ok but over priced

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  8. Ian Nairn dit :

    Great but aging isnt always what its craCKED UP TO BE! Ask an oldster like me! :)

    I thought it was good but not great given the pedigree. Biggest difference is the stickiness and darker color of the buds. Beyond that i didnt notice much of any difference over Greasy…which is a great bud! I think everyone should try this and see if they like the aging process. I just don’t buy it for the price markup. Not for me.

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  9. Tarek Sharples dit :

    Soooo disappointed!

    I give 10 out of 10 for smell, it’s like opening a bad of candy. But as for everything else, it was very disappointing, I rolled up at least a 1g joint, after lighting it I noticed right away something was off. It just didn’t taste like the smell, and I could taste that it was not flushed properly. after a few puffs it was confirmed the ash was pitch black and It was very obvious in the taste, and had to keep relighting it. I was so disappointed for that price it should be the best I ever smoked, but it was far from it. I still rate it 3 star just because of their effort and dedication, but I tossed that joint half way through and haven’t touched it again.

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  10. Terence dit :

    itssss ok.....

    its decent….I still prefer the regular greasy pink

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  11. Aaron dit :

    good smoke but...

    I got suckered. I thought it was 80 a quater… damn. its good and even great don’t get me wrong. but i actually liked the regular pink bubba better.
    and come on energizing and uplifting. Common… Its bubba kush with pink kush == couch or bed

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  12. tony dit :

    Greasy pink is an awesome strain

    Yes it’s a great strain and the fact it’s cured for 8 months or whatever is cool cause it only gets better. BUT the price is ridiculous. I have two year old greasy pink saved in a glass jar and I have some from every batch white palms had. I doubt this batch was cured in a glass jar so being left in a bag that long idk. Hate talking shiat about such good strain but your honestly better buying couple ounces of the regular batch and curing it yourself. If your rich or don’t care about money go ahead buy it. Wish I could to

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  13. trish dit :

    Just nuts such intense flavor and heady heavy high

    Wow, incredible flavor and the high it out of this world. As soon as you inhale your whole mouth is assaulted w this flavor and numbness so amazing. Im so beyond happy w this I’ll be watching for this and ordering more a s.a.p.

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  14. Mike dit :

    Good, but...

    Powerful, couch-lock stone, just like the original greasy pink. Little globs of resin between the stem and the bud, just like the good batches of hempstar. Thick acrid clouds off the vaporizer, just like the purple grape. It’s just a bit better than the quads, but almost twice the price. If I want another treat I’ll stick with the 50/eighth buds, they seem to be a better value. I love White Palm, but I kinda feel like a sucker right now.

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  15. Joshua dit :


    My 4th review on this awesome …even at $10 240 lb.

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  16. Valentine dit :

    Hrm ... check out the competitor

    Let me apologize profusely to Ghost for a mediocre high rating because of the price.

    The good part is the smoothness and the creeping high that is more intense than the regular Greasy Pink. It is more of a strong head high compared to other Indicas but your body high is definitely there.

    The bad part is the price. I am OK with paying for PREMIUM but it must deliver. Try Whistler Cannabis Sour Jack because it is the same price. We got this only a few days ago in Ontario. At $22+ a gram it had to be awesome and it is. This is where the ratings for Ghost gets slammed. That same price bud from Whistler Cannabis, will fry your brains. My entire scalp was tingling and extremely foucsed with high energy. Users may be treated with a full blown anxiety attack type of high. I love that edge. That is what I expect from a $22 a gram weed. This Aged Greasy gets me high, very high but not blown out of this solar system like Sour Jack. You need to get that for the price.

    I feel bad for criticizing Master Growers. I am willing to pay but you must deliver. Check out the competition worthy of your attention like Broken Coast or Whistler Cannabis. Ghost competes very well against the best but this particular one falls a bit short.

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  17. John dit :

    What an original kick,kind of lemony, once is good enough for me at 80 60 maybe again but not 80

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  18. Aaron dit :

    Hits like a tsunami

    Ordered 7gs because I love and almost exclusively purchase only Greasy Pink products… This creeps up like a fucking tsunami… Like it pretty much made me retarded for a while…. Amazing 3.5g nugs, sticky and packed with ridiculous flavor…. It’s like Greasy Pink on steroids… Yes, the price is insane but what a nice treat… It’s several hours later and I’m still feeling it… At least I can function now though… This is definitely a night time smoke or one when you don’t need to do anything functional… Fucking Ghost does it again… 5 stars all the way… Love it!

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  19. ken dit :

    great taste,lasting buzz…a bit pricey but worth a taste for sure

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  20. Paul dit :


    B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-S. $80 is quite a bit, sure. It is SO worth it to try it. I’ve tried to cure weed for long periods of time (longest period was 3 months) and I can never get it right. Ghost got it right.. or maybe it’s because it’s 8 months. Dunno. But I am going to re-order this for sure when I get paid end of month if it’s still around.

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  21. paul lauwereys dit :

    just alright

    NOT worth 80$…. death bubba and reg gpb.. have the same kick if not better…I thought at 34% would blow me away not really…. bring back the ghost and the the glue south coast….

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  22. Kris Kiraly dit :

    Très bien !

    Very nice half quarter nug ! Dense sticky and very stinky . although i gave it 5 stars its still a little overpriced ….80 is kinda rediculous ….the death bubba looks as good if not better .

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  23. Mike dit :

    Feeling a little drunk, and I just got paid, so I ordered this and the regular greasy pink bubba. Whatever the results, I’m sure I’ll enjoy comparing them.
    Will upadate soon.

  24. Steven dit :

    I’m sorry but $80 / 3.5 g ???. NO STRAIN of gods creations is worth $22 / g .

  25. Brad dit :

    80 bucks for an eighth!?! Alright I’m game but my expectations are VERY high…should be best I’ve ever (or will ever) had! My goodness though…80 bucks an eighth? HOOOLLLYY mackanaw!!…

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