Amherst Sour Diesel Vape Kit

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6 réponses à “Amherst Sour Diesel Vape Kit”

  1. Brian dit :

    Totally disappointed these refills come hafe empty got maby 20 pulls for 71.50 pathetic! !!

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  2. Nicole Alicia Alli dit :

    Amazing technology and smooth strain

    I have purchased 2 of these stealth devices and very satisfied. The sour Diesel is a potent strain with a mild after taste. Very enjoyable and convenient.

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  3. Matthew dit :

    Pretty sweet

    My first hit off this after unwrapping completely floored me. Lesson learned my only dissatisfaction with the unit is that you fly through extract, still impressed. The sour diesel is excellent , fantastic flavour and scent.

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  4. Cameron Branconnier dit :

    Solid little unit

    Perfect unit for work and the girlfriend really liked the pink and how small it is. I ordered another one for myself, the refill was. 5 of a g and lasted about 30-40 pulls that’ll make ya cough haha. Two magnetic adapters is nice for the on the go stoner.

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  5. Joshua dit :

    Bon produit

    Got wrecked off 1 blast.Highly recommended for the experienced user.Very potent.A must try for all.

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  6. Sherri dit :

    High Pod, so happy!

    When I saw this unit, I had to have it for travelling. Discreet, I loved being able to keep it in my pocket and sneak a toke without the obvious pen in my hand. The tip is excellent, and easy to refill, two magnetic adapters allowed for two strains to be switched easily and the recharge took less than an hour.
    I am really happy with the high pod, and the extract.

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