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13 réponses à “Banana Punch”

  1. Joshua dit :


    One of the nicest flowers I have encountered. Thanks WP.

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  2. Kris Kiraly dit :

    Assez bon.

    A little bit leafy and doesnt have much of a smell but does the trick and burns very nice. Overall pretty good!

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  3. Matthew dit :

    Bonne chose

    I have nothing bad to say about this one! Must try!

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  4. Bryden Grant dit :


    This stuff just showed up. It doesn’t have a real strong smell or taste. The buds are frosty and light coloured and fairly dense. It surprised me, it has a nice relaxing effect that creeps up on you. I feel relaxed but i could also go do something and have energy.
    I’m very happy with the BP. I’ll likely order more once this is gone.

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  5. Valentine dit :

    Not the BEST but "wait" it's not that bad ...

    Those are very disappointed people above me. True, it is not fragrant. I got an eighth to try and they were two and a half buds, which is nice. I will not say the buds are big like I did when I bought an eighth of Moby to try and they were two big buds and than bought a half oz because I like it and it came mostly shakes and small buds. Whatever … Whitepalm! So there is no telling what size buds you get. I got nice buds on this eighth.

    Now, the high is good with this strain. It is a creeper strain and within the half hour you should be pleasantly in Buzzville. It is not the BEST but I have no real complaints. It occupies as the third or fourth joint in the day rotation and that is saying something because it has to have a kick and this does. Wait half an hour and you will be happy. It also last a good hour and a half to two hours and more for light smokers.

    Enjoy people.

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  6. Marco dit :

    The high is pretty nice, but for herb with a name like that, I was interested more in the smell and taste then the high, and in that regard, it was a disappointment. It didn’t have a fruity smell and the taste (while smoking) was almost none existent, which I guess is better than a bad taste. I will try to vape it, but I imagine after one time, I will stick to smoking it.

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  7. Sheldon dit :

    Incroyable !

    I love exotic strains and this has to be one of my favorites! Can’t ever go wrong with banana punch!

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  8. Lisa Pavao dit :

    Helps with sleep

    It’s a nice high before bed, really helps get to sleep

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  9. Maciek Mancewicz dit :

    Great for price

    Great weed. What can I say. Worth a try. Would buy again.

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  10. Jonathan dit :

    Dense small nugs , nothing to complain about. This weed is a creeper, started with a pressure behind the eyes and slowly turned into a heaviness in my head, which slowly turned into a full body stone. Was pleased

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  11. Aysia dit :

    Decent stone with this one. Scent isn’t super potent, but grinded up it smells of an earthy, fruity mix. This strain is also a bit of a creeper when it comes to body high.

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  12. FELLA Facade dit :

    Decent Punch 4 Price

    I found this Flower to have a decent punch 4 the price.
    The Flavour and Fragrance were just okay and definitely Far from Stellar ?!?

    I’d say 1/3 with regards to my “Triple•F•test”

    Nice Try S.C.G.

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  13. Aysia dit :

    updated review

    posted a review a few months ago, but i purchased more on a whim and am now feeling very differently than i did before. this one’s potent! quite uplifting, heavy couch lock. taste is delicious. sticky, fairly dense bud. if you smoke a small amount it’s appropriate for daytime, but any more than that, the indica-dominant nature makes it near impossible to pass up a nap. great stuff.

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