Banana Runtz OG LSO

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Faible Med Haut

Banana Runtz OG is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Zkittlez X Gelato strains. Love a super sweet candy flavor? You've got it with Banana Runtz.

This Hybride baby has a sweet and sugary candy taste with hints of ripe banana and just a touch of black pepper, too. The aroma on Banana Runtz OG is just as delicious, although a little heavier, with a pungent and spicy overtone accented by fresh fruity banana and sour candy.

The high is pretty well-balanced overall, with effects that hit both mind and body with a high level of potency.

You’ll feel lifted with a sense of mental energy and motivation that has your euphoria flying and your focus ebbing and flowing. A relaxing physical effect accompanies this heady lift, freeing you of any aches and pains in both mind and body and letting you really kick back.

Another LSO option is the LSO Tuna Kush.

Effets :
Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
Médical :
Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Stress
À propos du vendeur :
Boutique micro-cannabis growers.
5 Customer Reviews

Highland’s cannabis is artisanal, locally grown, trimmed by hand and cultivated by a top horticultural team. Not only that but they are a true and tight-knit family which makes for the perfect combination of team work, productivity, and creativity. Highland grows some of the best cannabis in the country.


2 réponses à “Banana Runtz OG LSO”

  1. Samantha dit :

    This is the sh*t - nice Hybrid for afternoon or evening

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Expensive yes, worth it yes! This is a sweet tasting Hybrid that is balanced enough so the high THC feels powerful but not overwhelming at all. This for me is great evening smoke but still leaves with enough Sativa to perform active tasks.

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  2. Dave dit :

    Its the Shizzle!

    Great high. Hits hard. Nice balance of effects, Superb.

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

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