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20 réponses à “BC Hash Plant – $100 OZ”

  1. Dylan dit :

    Very dense nice nugs

    Great dense smelly buds great time blazing this nice one would highly recomend

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  2. Dylan dit :

    Very good steain for stress insomnia hunger and chilli g otu

  3. Brian dit :

    HASHPLANT is my all time favorite lineage!

    Appearance 10/10 medium to large sized light to medium green buds that are super dense and are just caked in yellow resin, very few pail orange hairs,well trimmed. I really miss this stuff and it’s sisters Lemon Hashplant and especially my all time #1 favorite strain Afghani Hashplant!
    Aroma 10/10 a personal favorite, rich earthy spicy hashy notes, strong enough to tickle the nose and invite you in. Real old school classic.
    Flavor 10/10 strong thick expansive vapor, old school hashbud taste, knida earthy, kinda skunky, very hashy flavor. LOVE IT!
    Active effects 10/10 awesome pain killer and sleep aid, great for stomach issues, a real nice body stone paired with mental well being.
    Overall 10/10 classic old school hashplant! i couldn’t be happier to get my hands on some!
    Great old school Killer.
    White palm thanks for bringing this in, can you please please please find me some Afghani Hashplant before i decide to just grow my own again!, Lemon Hashplant is always welcome too!

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    • Mike dit :


      I also would lik to see some Afghani/hash plant strains come in. The strongest bud I have ever had by far was an old Afghi i was growing almost 20 years ago. The strain was floating around NB for a few years back then. This strain was the strongest smelling bud i have ever smelled, one rolled joint in a drawer would smell your whole house up. The buds were more greasy than they were crystallized, they almost looked like they were going to drip sap. The high was so euphoric it was more like doing opiates than smoking weed. You read all the time about strains that provide euphoria but I have only once in my ife smoked a strain that had real euphoria, the afghi was just like taking some heroin, a very dreamy couchlocking high that lasted several hours. I have been searching for this strain for the past several ears and still haven’t found anything close. I can almost guarantee that if this strain were around today and marketed right it could become world famous for sure. I wish i had it arond today so i could get it lab tested because i guarantee there were some special numbers in that strain. The terpins would stand out for sure and whatever it is that provides the euphoria would have to be very high. I would pay a thousand dollars for a clone of that old afghi no problem.

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      • Brian dit :

        i knew i wasn't the only one...

        The old school breeders association sells Afghani Pakistani Hash Plant seeds.
        I would buy some for any of the growers on here that would be interested in finding a nice pheno and start growing it, seems like something that north west cannabis or kootney fire would excel at…

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  4. Aysia dit :

    not bad!!

    this is a simple, easy, sleep-aid that can be used by cannabis rookies, veterans, and all in between. very smooth with a pleasant earthy smell/taste.

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  5. Vincent dit :


    great looking bud, trimmed to perfection trichomes shining like advertised. smelt like sweet earthy aroma. taste smooth and hits pretty fast. great for after work to feel relaxed.

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  6. Haley dit :

    My new favourite!

    I am officially in love with BC Hash Plant. Wonderful smell, very smooth, and one of the few strains that can actually knock me out for the night.

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  7. Steve oxley dit :

    Love this

    Hadn’t had hash plant in a long time! This is great! Smokes nice and has a great taste!!! Def recommend

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  8. Eric dit :

    Yum s!!!!

    If this strain has kept it’s potency WP friends, you are looking at a WONKER, yet very smooth!!!

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  9. Austin dit :

    very nice

    typical hash plant awesome stuff reordered

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  10. Steve oxley dit :

    Holy crystal Batman

    Love this weed! Personal favourite, tastes great and nice change from everything Kush

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  11. Jordan dit :

    Nice mellow high

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  12. Lori dit :

    Dense Gold Green Buds!

    Beautiful thick nugs coated with dense resin. Nose really evident when buds are grinded. Nice Indica high but I found it wasnt as long lasting as some.

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  13. Roderick dit :

    Shiny shiny

    Great looking, tasting and hitting bud. Highly recommend. Ordered this strain three times now. Always awesome.!!

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  14. Katarina dit :

    deep relaxtion

    Whenever I plan to smoke this, I set aside time for a nap because it personally hits me hard with a heavy body high. Super relaxing with great sleep afterward!

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  15. Kristy dit :

    Pleasantly surprised

    Nice kick to it- great buzz.

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  16. Samantha dit :

    Great Medicine

    Very good medical strain. It took away my nausea, and helped with some migraines. It’s also very relaxing and a good sleep-aid.

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  17. Shawn dit :


    Tasty orange hair nugs. Smooth smoke and nice mellow high with strong body effect.

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  18. Kyle dit :

    WP has better 100 Os than this

    First glance when I got my order I was not impressed. Very small nugs basically popcorn nugs. The smell is not very strong or good either (this is my first time trying any strain of Hash Plant so maybe the smell is normally like this).

    Only recommendation I have is that this does seem very good for pain relief. Personally I think there are better 100 Os than this that WhitePalm has to offer.

    **full discloser** I believe I received some of the last of their current stock as I write this it says they will be restocking this strain, so that would most likely explain the bag of tiny nugs I received

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  19. Brandon Abel dit :

    It looks loose but has a kick

    I love the fact it helps with gastrointestinal issues, and it does just that. The high was not intense but definitely enjoyable enough to work on!!

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