Blackberry “Black Star”

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Faible Med Haut

Blackberry "Black Star" is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain created through growing pristine Blackberry genetics using Stellar's growing techniques and proprietary organic food.

This is a one-of-a-kind in-house strain… Blackberry “Black Star” brings on a delicious flavor and gorgeous appearance all wrapped up with a heavy high. Blackberry “Black Star” plants are pungent. This strain has strong smoke that can have a fuel smell, but it is dominantly fruity. It has a very pleasant physical Indica head high that is not super heavy, just the right amount.

And it is brings very energetic effects and happy feelings from the Sativa side. Overall it is a very well balanced ride. Just like the beauty of the nug!

To further elaborate: this high will hit you in both mind and body, pulling you into a state of lifted sedation that lasts for hours on end before you finally fall asleep. So this is a good nighttime or nap time strain for new to moderate users. Some more experienced users could do with toking it more regularly throughout the day. You’ll feel a tingly onset in the back of your head before it takes you in your entirety, pulling you down into relaxed sedation which also makes it really good for nagging pains.

This harvest has nugs that are mid to large sized, coated in trichomes, and lovely structure.

From the same growers as the old faves Space Nuken and OG Death Bubba.

Effets :
Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric
Médical :
Stress, Insomnia, Aches and Pain, Anxiety
À propos du vendeur :
Boutique yet affordable cannabis growers from Vancouver, British Columbia.
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13 réponses à “Blackberry “Black Star””

  1. Peter Pulse dit :

    Initially grabbed an 1/8th

    The 1/8th was wayyyy more that satisfactory. Exceeded expectations. Came back for 2 ounces. Love how relaxing and euphoric the high is. No munchies too!

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  2. Sylvain dit :

    Tres beau produits de qualité pour le prix.
    Bon buzz plus indica que hybride celon moi.
    Le gout et lodeur tres forte trop pour mes gout mais cest personelle vous aimer un gout fruité tres “gas” cest pour vous.

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  3. Greg Burke dit :

    Very balanced

    Giddy beginning with a very relaxed finish. Nice looking Nugs and a nice smoke. Sat and played my guitar for 2 hours after smoking so I found this weed to allow me to function while remaining relaxed and happy!

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  4. Tyler Musselman dit :

    Best value flower on whitepalm

    At $160/ounce this is the best bang for your buck on the site IMO. I was shocked when I saw this stuff, absolutely CAKED in Crystal and smelled incredible. The smoke was smooth and tasty with white ash, and the high is perfection, I’m a seasoned smoker so I was able to smoke this any time of day but it definitely helps put you to sleep in the evening. Everything I did was just better with black star

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  5. Zachary Johnston dit :

    Very pungent

    Very smooth, and great smell. Went beyond expectations.

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  6. Marlon Sukhdeo dit :

    Amazing for the price. Quite impressed. I should have grabbed more. I stuck with a quarter just to try it out. Big mistake! High quality nugs coated in crystals and very aromatic and berry flavoured. Smooth and very quick high that lasts quite a while.

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  7. Jonathan dit :

    Nice flower

    More leaning into an indica high, the taste and buds are pretty nice. Good addition to the flower menu of WP :)

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  8. Chrishtyann Brown dit :


    not impressed with this bag. So I’m jus goin 2 make a cpl cookies wit it. But. Yeah. Not goin 2 try this again but still love this site

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  9. Jérémie Lavoie dit :


    Pretty ashtonishing bud with a nice aroma! Really High indica vibe watch out tom not to fall in the couch because it will be a goid night!?

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  10. Julien dit :

    My fav from this order
    suitable for day smoke or night sesh
    The smoke is a little bit harsh
    I prefer to vape it
    nice body buzz

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  11. Ken dit :

    BlackBerry black star

    Sweet bud nice steady high .taste perfect .great day timer for me .open jar and hmmm sweet bud .

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  12. Kim Hnatiw dit :


    Smokes nice. Good bang for your buck at an ounce.

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  13. Gregory dit :

    Stress Melter

    This flower should be way more than $25/hq, I was amazed by the effects as it melted away my stress from the day and had me totally relaxed. Not to mention, this taste like some of the best rock kush I have ever had. I will be coming back for this strain each time I make an order with GWP.

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