Blue Coma

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3 réponses à “Blue Coma”

  1. Aysia dit :

    One of the best highs out of the many THC & CBD paired strains I’ve tried. In very small amounts I’m still able to function and be productive, however, in my experience, anything much more will glue me to the couch. That being said, smoking a lot will put me out to a deep, deep sleep. This strain tends to carry over to the next day if smoked in excess (like a haze), so keep that in mind. THC/CBD combos always seem to make my highs last longer, and of course CBD is lovely for anxiety and depression. Blue Coma did not disappoint.

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  2. Lisa Pavao dit :

    The best!!

    Such an awesome high, will continue to purchase this…nice for a good night sleep

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  3. Joshua dit :

    Soooo nice!

    May be the nicest flower I have ever encountered. A must try for all who like a really potent hard hitting couch lock.

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