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Blue “Sweet Gas”

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A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

Blue Dream "Sweet Gas": a new original strain from the legendary grower, the Ghost. Focused on heavy fuel once again but this time with a sweet undertone! Smooth burn, clear headed high... beautiful combo Hybrid.

You cannot get it elsewhere and holy cr*p it’s fantastic. We’ll start the Blue Dream “Sweet Gas” description with a little story from the Ghost himself and Dean…

After the first time Ghost brought some of this in to town, the lads decided to go for some late night food drive through action because they were ultra hungry (now, the strain itself doesn’t give much munch, they were just hungry).

When pulling up to the drive through window, the staff started to laugh. Ghost and Dean thought to themselves “why are they laughing?!”… well, turns out they were laughing because Ghost and Dean had been at the drive through window for 15 minutes without ordering anything! They got SO stoned that they were vibing to the music too hard.

Now to describe the nugs themselves… this is a GORGEOUS resinous flower. Sticky, icky and pungent like fuel but with sweet undertones. Absolutely beautiful.

Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.

Le processus de la côte sud

À South Coast, ils n'ajoutent ni pesticides ni fongicides à leurs plantes cultivées en Colombie-Britannique. Ce qui leur permet d'avoir les médicaments les plus propres, les plus efficaces et les plus sûrs au monde, c'est l'environnement de la Sunshine Coast, leur science et leur respect d'un processus approprié, ainsi que leur respect pour la plante de cannabis.

Tout commence avec les plantes mères et la garantie que la génétique est exemplaire. Vient ensuite une approche de culture collaborative sur laquelle ont travaillé des dizaines de cultivateurs de la Sunshine Coast pendant 50 ans. Ils aiment ce qu'ils font et ils sont passionnés par le partage de leur expertise avec les membres de WhitePalm.

C'est la fleur qu'ils utilisent pour faire leurs extraits. C'est pourquoi leurs produits purs sont si incroyables ! Regardez la cartouche et le stylo jetable.

Read more about our World famous grower and his flowers  ici.

Effets :
Relaxed, Creative, Happy, Euphoric
Médical :
Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia
Batch Date:
July 10, 2020
À propos du vendeur :
South Coast Cannabis
33 Customer Reviews

South Coast est le leader en matière de fleurs à profil complet et d'extraits purs. La Sunshine Coast est l'endroit le plus idéal pour cultiver et produire les meilleurs produits à base de cannabis au monde, en raison de la culture développée et de l'environnement collectif.

Les conditions de croissance de la plante de cannabis mère constituent l'un des facteurs les plus importants dans la production d'extraits purs. Étant donné qu'ils sont situés sur la Sunshine Coast de la Colombie-Britannique, nos plants prospèrent sans avoir besoin de pesticides et de fongicides. Nos plantes entièrement naturelles sont de la plus haute qualité.

Le processus SOUTH COAST

Chez South Coast, on n'ajoute pas de pesticides ou de fongicides à nos plantes.

Ce qui leur permet d'avoir les médicaments les plus propres, les plus efficaces et les plus sûrs au monde, c'est leur environnement professionnel, leur science et leur respect d'un processus approprié, ainsi que leur respect de la plante de cannabis.

Les extraits purs commencent par la souche et la santé de la génétique. Ensuite, la cure et la façon dont la fleur est traitée sont de la plus haute importance. La matière première constitue la base de la qualité de l'extrait.

Pas d'entourloupe, pas de garnitures, pas de conneries. Nous privilégions la qualité à la quantité et c'est pourquoi tous nos médicaments sont vendus en quantités extrêmement limitées. Il faut vraiment du temps pour faire les choses correctement.


68 réponses à “Blue “Sweet Gas””

  1. Larry dit :

    Feels like you're flying

    Strap in and take it for a ride. If you’ve ever sky dived, that is what this feels like. It feels like a quick punch to the brain and then blissful free fall. Trusting, loving, awesome.

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  2. Anthony dit :

    Update on my last review

    Just an update to my last review, the smoke has gotten better since it dried out a bit. After a few days the smoke smoothened out more and matured. Maybe it wasn’t cured long enough to begin with but def a change since it first arrived, buds didn’t seem too wet when they arrived, but it would be the only reason I could find as to why it was so harsh when I first got it. Enjoying the buzz for daytime as it helps with my creativity and doesn’t get me tired. Might order again thanks.

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  3. Anthony dit :

    Harsh and tastes terrible but very good buzz

    Definitely not what I was expecting. Didn’t find the smell gassy at all… more like cheap car freshener and def not the usual Aroma I know from Blue Dream. Smoking this is harsh, makes me cough non stop not smooth at all. Taste is terrible, tastes like dirt. Only up side is the buzz is great so that’s why I’m giving it a 3 stars. SC is my still my fave but had to try this. If it smoked smooth, tasted good and didn’t make me cough so much it would be a 5 star review. I don’t know if maybe it wasn’t cured right but I’ll see how this bag matures over the week and if the taste gets better I’ll update. Thanks and happy 420 !

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  4. Sylvain dit :

    Comme tout les produits south coast excellent!
    Tres beau travail de qualite.
    Gout fruite mais legerement epicé et tres bon buzz focus.
    Tres bon hybride.

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  5. Bryan Calvert dit :

    Wow !

    It has a sweet fuel smell. The well trimmed nuggets are medium size, golden brown threads throughout with some stickiness. It’s a sweet taste smooth smoke that hits you hard but not heavy. Have bought another oz as it’s priced right. Thanks again GWP!

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  6. Curtis dit :


    I like this stuff for day smoking, puts you in a great mood while still being functional. I find it is easy to overindulge in this strain though so take it easy when you first smoke it and work your way up. Only downside was my particular amount was extremely dry, other than that it was solid

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  7. Sean Cochrane dit :

    The appearance is nice, scent, trim and cure all good. First looks you will think this is a top shelf bud but after smoking it you quickly realize it doesn’t have top shelf effects. I’m a big fan of anything South Coast puts their hands on but this will likely be a one time purchase.

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  8. Bradley dit :

    Still the bomb

    Ordered my second oz and still amazing. I can just smell this bud all day.

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  9. Shawn dit :


    Tight buds, very tasty thick smoke. Good balanced high.

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  10. Arnold dit :

    Very Nice Strain , Smooth, Sweet taste, easy rolling , definitely worth having on hand.

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  11. Jamie Sutherland dit :

    Darn good!

    South coast Blue dream beautifully grown as always with south coast. Self isolation just got a whole lot better!

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  12. Clifford dit :

    Sweet Dreams

    One Mighty’s worth, and here’s the outcome (drum roll): very impressive! A deep cushion of relaxation but with a powerful edge. Great for talking, laughing, music listening. Worth it. Might buy more.

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  13. Jonathon dit :

    Blue dreams........

    Awesome aroma.
    Beautiful bud.
    Happy……I am happy………..
    hmmmm….I smell lasagna cooking in the kitchen……….

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  14. Trish Tomicic dit :

    Absolutely Fire!!????

    A must order…. Won’t Disappoint!!

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  15. Ralph dit :

    Smooth high and smooth inhale

    Very smooth high. Clear headed yet potent. Exemplary hybrid mixing both euphoric and focused effects. Love it.

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  16. Martha Dionne dit :

    Amazing bud!

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  17. Liam dit :

    Nice weed

    I found this bud to be more sativa to me very outgoing creative buzz . Enjoyed the taste/ smell it really is sweet and gassy . Buds were decent size dense nice trim as usual from sc. it’s not the strongest stuff If you want more of a put you on your ass strain hit up the gg4 or greasy pink. But I rather enjoy puffing this one during the day

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  18. JP Valeriote dit :

    Clean & Clear

    Had to try this with the great description given by GWP. It’s a REALLY nice clean, functional ride. I think I was expecting a bigger bang based on the story told but it is priced right when on sale (200ish). Would recommend to anyone who likes to feel clear and energized and positive when they burn. If you’re looking for a head punch and deep stone, plan to fill the bowl a couple times. South Coast products are by far the highest quality and when all the local delivery menus start to look the same, GWP always comes through with something great. Well done folks.

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  19. Kris dit :

    Love this stuff

    For sure the best blue dream I’ve ever smoked!!! South coast is the best by far and all strains are grown to perfection! This is 5 star+++

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  20. Brendan dit :

    South coast rules

    So I personally think the 27% thc is a bit much. I don’t think it’s at that level. But it is some really nice smoke smooth and flavourful. And it does get u high. South coast are great producers

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  21. Quentin dit :

    Worst flower from south coast ever

    I was excited when I opened bag smelt amazing looked just like what you expect from Ghost but wow first bowl burnt my throat coughed hard . So I rolled a joint had to hauls off it and wow coughed and hurt throat only way I can smoke this is with a vaporizer very disappointed with south cost

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  22. Ron Luffman dit :

    A MUST try strain

    Excellent bang for your buck. South coast does not disappoint. Definitely stock up on this batch!!!

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  23. Bradley dit :

    Incroyable !

    Just as you would expect any South Coast Bud, sticky, perfectly cured, smooth smoke & absolutely a great clear headed high that leans towards the Sativa side of the spectrum. Enjoy!

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  24. Louise dit :

    Mother Marry, thank you

    Forgot we were in self quarantine hahah. What a beautiful flower and the effects are angelic

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  25. Steph dit :

    Holy SMOKES!

    Now this is exactly what we need! What a beautiful, gassy, sticky strain. I would put this one as 2nd best in the South coast arsenal of strains. GG4 is close behind but this is just WOW. Thank you ghost for cheering up a dude who has been quarantining for a minute. What a way to cheer a guy up!

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