Blue Gold

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15 réponses à “Blue Gold”

  1. Conor dit :


    There are few smokes like this one. Definitely sweet, but also pine-y. Also a top shelf buzz. Don’t miss this winner!

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  2. Ryan dit :

    I order this on my first order the budsame were nice and sticky the smell was so amazing and it a nice bold flavor and nice relaxing high I will defiantly be getting more of this again

  3. Daniel dit :

    Excellent strain, though from the reviews i was expecting more. When my order came it was quite damp to begin, but I let it dry out for a few days and it was happy smoking after that.

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  4. shane dit :

    This bud has a great flavour nice and smooth. Not quite as strong as described. I would have tough there would have been more of a blueberry strain flavor. But I could hardly taste or smell it. Grateful flavour regardless and me look high.

  5. justin stewart dit :

    i cant rate this because what was sent looks nothing like the picture and was labeled blue sour and sour was blacked out and gold written in pen also we should be able to post pics cause ya batches vary but this is just not what was advertised
    recomend a pass untill more up to date pics can be added showing what you really are getting and the buzz is just not there no berry taste…tasted and smelled like cat pee sry white palm telling like i see it :(

  6. Randy dit :

    Blue Gold

    Nice job guys soaring but not debilitating. Nice big colas.

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  7. Eric dit :


    Please bring back!!!! Running low!

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  8. Michael dit :

    Smooth smoking smells amazing can’t go wrong here ganja lovers must try it!

  9. Tab dit :

    When they state top shelf- they weren’t exaggerating!!!
    Definitely my new fave.
    It smells straight up blueberries!
    Couch lock and full zone out. I also liked that I got no food cravings with this one.
    Don’t bank on doing much other than TV and relaxing that will be soon followed by the best sleep you’ll ever have…
    Waking up completely refreshed.
    Tho, pain relief- I didn’t get from this strain… this bud absolutely is a must try- must have on continuous supply.
    A definite 4 stars out of 5 from me.

  10. Eric dit :

    4.5 out of 5!

    Would recommend for users as more of a recreational, it packs a punch!

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  11. Anthony dit :

    I must say it looked nothin like the pic not a big deal. Smells amazing I wish I could say the same about the taste I was surprised about all the positive reviews about the taste the batch I received had a really strong odd taste to it which I was not a fan of. I’ve tried many stands from white palm and this was my first disappointment flavour wise

  12. Mike dit :

    My quarter came as mostly one nice, dense, frosty bud. After resting in a dark jar for a week, it’s purple and delicious looking.
    Not quite as potent as the Greasy Pink, but this is definitely my second-favorite herb from this site. Keep it up, WP!

  13. Scott dit :

    This bud was good! But not the knockout strain i was expecting after reading the information and reviews. Maybe it’s the tolerance thing coming into play. This strain has a very unique smell and taste that is quite exquisite though! And again, the effects were good but not as crazy as I guess I was making it out to be in my head after doing some research.

    This was my first order from here, it came through successful and the buds are still quality and really nice!! Thanks so much!! And thanks for the great service!

  14. Jesse dit :

    We need better pictures of the flower from a further distance. But tast and high was amazing

    • marihuana dit :

      Hey Jesse,

      It was just this current batch that had a different colour due to growing conditions. We made an announcement on the product page before the flowers went on sale. The taste and high was still perfect though :)

  15. Cailean dit :

    Buds Look Nothing Like the Photo

    Was very excited to try this strain. Extremely disappointing the buds look nothing like the photo when i received my order. Kind of like meeting up with a tinder girl who looks nothing like her pics.

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    • marihuana dit :

      Hey Cailean,

      We felt the same way in terms of looks but the inside is what counts ;) Also, we left a warning on the product description as this batch is a lot less blue than previous ones. How did you like the effects though?

  16. Nicolas dit :

    This strain is crazy, the taste is unique ; to the point it keeps you on coming back to it even if you didn’t like it at first. Recommend to any insomniac or people with a lack of appetite. Thanks again for the fast shipping!

  17. Eric dit :

    Great Flower/strain!

    Very excellent smoke and always clean with White Palm! :)

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  18. Bill dit :

    Blue Gold

    I missed you but I’m looking for more to arrive

    but You Can’t Hurry Pot, no you’ve just got to wait …..I say trust in the good times …….it’s a game of give and take …..

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  19. Chris dit :

    Blue Gold

    Amazing indica would buy it again for sure. My only con would be that I wanted to see purple weed like in the picture but the bud looks pretty different than the pic but still a great smoke.

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  20. jody dit :

    Great buds nice clean smoke. Very happy. Even found a couple of seeds :) that doesn’t disappoint me at all

  21. billy van scoy dit :

    ya i was dissappointed by the picture too but great bud a little seedy in my patch. but like jennifer said move over moby new kid in town

  22. Jennifer dit :

    Move over Moby

    Move over Moby there’s a new bud in town ….. Blue gold is like no other from the fantastic taste of berries to the amazing buzz that puts energy into my normally lazy body. I can do a two hour snowshoe after a bag full of this yumE vapor. Definitely worth every penny! Thanks again Dean for tracking this parcel down in record time, u r the best. :P

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  23. Tyler dit :

    This is a very good strain. Nice taste, aroma and high. The buds werenice as well, all thoigh it looks nothing like the picture. I enjoyed it a lot.

  24. billy van scoy dit :


    this is one of the best strains i have tried in 40 years. deffinitally an award winner. only complaint is price but you cant buy penny candy anymore lol i would definitally would buy more and i would like to have this growers cell number very good job

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  25. Darren dit :

    One of the best strains for insomnia I have ever had, hope to see this available again soon

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