Greasy Blueberry

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33 réponses à “Greasy Blueberry”

  1. Shawn dit :


    Loved everything about it but didn’t taste or smell any blueberry. Other than that nice dense buds, aromatic and tasty. Nice strong but somewhat focussed Indica high.

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  2. Matthew dit :


    Great bag appeal on this stuff. Smell and taste are pretty great to!!

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  3. Sylvain dit :

    Super! Jamais decu des produits south coast
    Ce blueberry est vraiment parfait on a vraiment le petit gout particulier du “greasy” comme le pink bubba.
    Moins efficace que le greasy pink mais tres bon buzz pareil cas fait different!
    Merci Whitepalm!

  4. Kris Kiraly dit :

    I got an ounce a little over a week ago and really like this stuff! South coast always comes through! The nugs are a little on the small side but i really like it overall and its very strong/potent.

  5. Brendan dit :

    So I’ve been waiting for blueberry to show back up again. But this batch of blueberry ain’t near as effective nor is as visually appealing as the blueberry u had before

  6. Aysia dit :

    Did find this one to be a bit on the drier side, but other than that this one is a beauty in all aspects.

  7. tony dit :

    Finally get to try south coast blueberry. I see rather smell why peeps complain it doesn’t smell like blueberry but maybe it’s bc south coast is as good as it gets. There no way they would add artificial flavours like many companies do to there weed and extracts. It’s still nice weed grown rite and it is more economically viable then other sc strains. Grab what you can it be gone in a day or so lol.

  8. Matthew dit :

    Pumped this is back. A must try!!

  9. Brad dit :

    This blueberry is very good but seems the term “greasy” is gettin thrown around a bit ambiguously. Same on the previous blackberry…they were on here as non greasy and all of a sudden became greasy. I did not try the blackberry so can’t really comment if it qualified as “greasy”.
    Stop tryna replicate GPB with a namesake…it is what it is….which is a very nice, smooth, mellow, relaxing flower…but it’s simply BLUEBERRY…not greasy..

  10. Matthew dit :

    Good strong, dence buds, very nice colour not much of a berry tast

  11. Nick dit :

    Nice buds. No hint of blueberry in the taste, but it certainly gets the job done. Nice and strong.

  12. Matthew dit :

    Tried this with a friend. Wasn’t bad. But really dry and no blueberry smell. I’ve had blueberry in the past and when you open the bag it’s literally blueberries hitting you in the face. But not this stuff. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Whitepalm needs to get back to their roots. Strains like Grape Crush,Gorilla Glue#4,Bruce Banner, All the greasy strains and a few others I can’t think of right now because I’m kinda baked haha. Those strains were killer when first released. The Grape Crush was legendary. Beautiful buds with nice little pockets of resin inside. It may have been the best bud I’ve ever had. Hands down. Get back to that please whitepalm!!!!!

  13. Denis dit :

    Very potent medicine! Will buy again!

  14. Kyle Crichton dit :

    Received. My blueberry today, Very tasty, smooth intake, very satisfied…

  15. Jonathan dit :

    Buds are a little bit small for but very compact and full of crystal inside. The taste is dead on for blueberry, best one on WP.

  16. Joshua dit :

    Very nice strain.Buds are dense and full of crystal.Awesome ,thanx WP.

  17. billy van scoy dit :

    very very very nice

  18. Colin Vandertogt dit :

    Good long,smooth smoke price point a little high $220.00 would hit the spot big buds and big stems ?

  19. Johnny B. dit :

    Definitely the bud was already too dry when I received it, lacking blueberry flavour as a result and tasted a little cashed when I vaped it. Can’t provide a star rating but I give it a 3 out of 5, not up to South Coasts usual standards IMO

  20. Aaron dit :

    Smaller nugs on this one but it’s sticky icky and smells amazing… Burns nice and smooth, can make you cough the odd time but this is a heavy hitter all the way! As can be expected from South Coast, this one will knock you on your ass in a hurry… Not quite as strong as Greasy Pink but damn close and just as enjoyable…

  21. Jamie Sutherland dit :

    Average. No blueberry smell or taste but it is potent!

  22. Shawn dit :

    Lethal. Sticky icky ooh wee. Amazing all around, a classic.

  23. Matt dit :

    Decent but really dry when I received it, smaller nugs nice smell, alright taste overall 7/10

  24. Joshua dit :

    Everyone should try this. Very potent.Nice clean ash.

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