Bubba Kush Diamonds

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3 x 1g

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GOC Bubba Kush Diamonds are some of the most relaxing extracts available on planet Earth. THC is 91%. If you are dabber, these diamonds are the next level on potency and flavour.

Bubba Kush Diamonds are the result of taking de-waxed and filtered BHO and subjecting it to incredibly low temperatures and varying pressure changes to create an environment conducive to the creation and growth of crystals within the BHO base.

Ce processus n'a rien de rapide et plus les cristaux sont laissés longtemps dans cet environnement, plus ils deviennent stables et gros.

The reason Diamonds are more expensive than shatter is the amount of time and patience required to complete a single productions run. This can take weeks and in some cases months to complete as well as the curing period after full crystallization has been achieved. The finished product is definitely worth the wait though.


Bubba Kush is a heavy indica hybrid that enjoys very wide popularity.

The flowers have a vague aroma of coffee or cocoa, with some slight fruitiness beneath. When dabbed, Bubba Kush smells more hashy and spicy, as might be expected of a Kush. The taste is mostly dank, with some sweetness and a peppery kick in the exhale.

Users will experience heavy, slow-breathing relaxation and a palpable sense of physical comfort. Couchlock is uncommon, leaving users functional and alert

Pourcentages de THC et de CBD :

At Gods Own Concentrates, they have chosen to produce products that are as true to the original cannabis strain profile as possible.

Nous nous efforçons d'utiliser les souches de la plus haute qualité et les plus savoureuses que nous pouvons trouver afin de toujours offrir à nos clients la meilleure expérience de dabbing possible.

En outre, nous ne sommes jamais satisfaits si nous ne fabriquons pas ce qu'il y a de mieux. C'est pourquoi nous continuons à trouver et à utiliser sans cesse de nouvelles méthodes afin d'amener nos produits à de nouveaux niveaux pour nos clients.

Effets :
Relaed, Sleepy, Physical Comfort
Médical :
Depression, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite
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Les concentrés Gods Own sont produits par une combinaison de l'extraction BHO et de la distillation fractionnée.

Ils sont convaincus que la combinaison de ces deux méthodes d'extraction est le seul véritable moyen de maintenir les caractéristiques individuelles spécifiques des souches de base utilisées pour fabriquer le concentré, en conservant toutes les notes de goût originales, les profils terpéniques et les highs personnalisés que chaque souche procure. Tout en garantissant un médicament très puissant et efficace.

Le processus des CONCENTRÉS DE DIEU

GOC n'utilise pas d'édulcorants à base de sucre, de sirops ou d'arômes artificiels dans ses produits de shatter infusés aux terpènes.

Gods Own Concentrates n'utilise que des terpènes de souche pour améliorer les profils de terpènes et les notes aromatiques existants.


2 réponses à “Bubba Kush Diamonds”

  1. MetalFan dit :

    Straight Fire

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    These are lacking in the taste department when compared with the Haida Gwaii tasting more like fuel. That being said these are delicious and seem to hit harder than the HG. Buy these if you have a dab rig or vaporizer the perfect treat and helps with anxiety so you can sleep. Smoke between 500-550F.

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  2. Jeff dit :

    Top Shelf Mate!

    Mmm, since discovering diamonds & HTFSE, I must admit they have ruined slightly me by elevating my expectations. My first experience with anything super concentrated would have been an opportune tour of the West Cost during harvest, and was treated to “finger hash” for the first time – I coughed so hard my balls were MIA for a month. That was like 1998, I suppose we had some pretty potent honey oil, but a nerd sized chunk of hash in a bong should not have incapacitated a veteran. Fast forward to my first experience with shatter – the next level, where getting as stoned as one has ever gotten is a foregone conclusion every session, if on chooses to do so. For moi, the next step up in concentrates is diamonds, or for flavour, HTFSE, which is diamonds & sauce. However, HTFSE is not as potent as diamonds, (no offence, just science). The holy grail of concentrates, in this old stoners humble opinion, is diamonds. And, as is the case with all products, you got the real deal and the wannabes and the never wills. Every batch will vary, but if you deliver quality consistently, you will have a better chance at a winning strategy. I first ordered the Malawi Land Race Diamonds, and they were delicious and exotic, the flavour was reminiscent of “whiskey and watermelon”, it sounds odd, but was potent AF and smooth. The consistency of the diamonds was way off from my previous experience, but the effects, flavour, and workability were all above par, so I gave it a 5 star rating. The Bubba Kush is a strain I know well and love, so I knew what I wanted, and I knew who I wanted it from. This time around, the diamonds were much more like their namesake, fully crystalline. This actually makes the material either slightly easier or more difficult to work with, so that aspect is pretty subjective. The flavour and potency? Magnificent. Make more room on the top shelf for when footy and rock stars come over to visit, you will impress anyone with this gear, although you will lay out any bubblegummers if you let them have more than 1 dab lol. I try to have a bit of fun with these reviews, because these days, to be honest, I usually receive my order and dive in first thing to facilitate a clear headed wake & bake review of these products, a fairly clever and certainly level playing field for reviewing, n’est pas? Regardless, the Bubba Kush Diamonds are an expensive extract, but the potency is so off the charts, one can get by really micro dabbing this stuff, it is lovely, and I dare say will go much further than a g of lesser extracts. The terpene profile is less pronounced than the Malawi, but the potency is on par if not higher, definitely more Indica feeling to me. Really nice. Thats just me though, I have received enough 2nd or 3rd rate extracts that were inferior to flower. I would rather spend a bit more on something I know I will love, and then find a cheaper solution for the day to day consumption. I am actually considering switching back to vaping flowers during the day and concentrates after dark just to get my tolerance really back to somewhere in this galaxy at least. And double kudos to White Palm for the FREE 200 MG of THC GUMMIES! Dames makes the finest gummies I have ever tasted, highly recommended, although wrong space obviously. Thank you GOC for the beautiful diamonds, and thanks White Palm for the excellent service over the years and the awesome free gummies! Cheers!

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