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California Orange

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$240 $150

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6 réponses à “California Orange”

  1. Chad dit :

    VERY dissapointed

    I wouldnt even pay 25$ for an eighth of this bunk where im from i probably wont even smoke anymore of this
    looks awful not much crystal very leafy smells sweet not even the best sweet smell!!! i would NOT buy this!!!!
    the ouces they are selling for 150$ are better or similar quality to this :(

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  2. Andrew dit :

    Decent for a 50/50

    smooth smoke, has a bit of orange flavor, burns clean, nice buzz

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  3. Nicolas dit :

    Mellow buzz

    Smooth and mellow buzz, good citrus smell with a strong orange taste.

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  4. Tab dit :

    Mellow High

    This strain reminds me of smoking in high school… IM not sure if it was all the hype on it in the bio but you kind of go in not sure what to expect… it was good, mellow and chill. Nothing super spectacular but kind of chill and calm. This, however, didn’t flare any anxiety for me.

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  5. Donald dit :

    "I Really enjoyed this strain"

    Usually I’ve found most Orange whichever strain they lack the true Orange citrus flavor. This Cali Orange has it all When I opened the baggy I was hit with a sweet citrus Orange Peel smell. The Bud is nice and tight with a very fresh yet perfectly cured feel and sight alike as the red and orange pistils are covered in white frosty trichomes. Being a Cannabis Connoisseur with more than 40yrs experience therein.
    As with every single strain I’ve purchased via White Palm this one was very tasty and the effects are also wonderful.
    I rolled 3 decent size joints from 1 gr. and the buzz comes on slowly but surely to be certain.
    Very citrus and sweet smooth tasting. A nice body & euphoric to. I also enjoyed the 4 to 5 hours said buzz lasted.
    This is another Quality Product that White Palm provides it’s truly blessed clients with.
    I will be sure to keep this very pleasant strain on hand in my Magic Pantry as it’s one of my top 5 favorite strains they provide to date.


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  6. Dylan dit :

    Very mellow smoke

    Not the best but it still does the trick its a light smoek

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