Pure CBD Disposable Vape (99% CBD) – Mango

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6 réponses à “Pure CBD Disposable Vape (99% CBD) – Mango”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Bon produit

    Surprisingly potent.Lasted very long time.A must try product for all users.

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  2. Eric Torfason dit :

    Batteries die

    The batteries run out before the fluid does. One of the three I received had most of its fluid leaked out. Better off get carts with a rechargeable pen

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  3. Matthew dit :

    Bonne chose

    Mango for the win! Love this stuff. Great overall

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  4. Aysia dit :

    I feel it’s a bit expensive being that it’s a disposable, but it does the trick well enough. The high is a creeper; starting in the head, then moving throughout the body.

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  5. Aysia dit :

    Ugh. I meant to comment that other review in a completely different window. What I MEANT to say, was:
    “The taste was pleasant, despite the fact that I’m not usually a fan of artificial mango flavours. I love that CBD pens are becoming more widely available, because their discreet nature have saved me many times from possibly severe anxiety attacks. Especially in those situations where I cannot smoke, or be high. I think I’m finding now that CBD products without THC tend to be the best for when I need relief from panic, anxiety, and stress.”
    My previous review with 4 stars saying that “the high is a creeper” is a mistake and does not reflect this product!! :P

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  6. Andre dit :

    Seems legit

    Bought this for someone who had given up with taking pain meds and has never tried cbd as a substitute for relief. He says 5-6 puffs he feels great and nothing to complain about.

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