High CBD Pre Roll (Full Spectrum, 32:1 CBD:THC)

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$10 - $54

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Twelve 0.6g Sticks
Six 0.6g Sticks
Two 0.6g Sticks

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2 réponses à “High CBD Pre Roll (Full Spectrum, 32:1 CBD:THC)”

  1. Kris dit :

    Très bien !

    These are very good to chill out with and are easy to use it just doesn’t last long…burns fast but for the price it’s a nice pain relief treat?

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  2. Caleb Dobson dit :

    Great effects - Fair price

    This is very quick burning, quite dry, and non-oily.

    I recommend burning the whole stick as putting it out and relighting allowed some of the dried flower to fall out.
    The taste is not nice, however the effects are marvellous.

    Those suffering from chronic pain may find relief. No worries of impairment/anxiety. No burn out and fairly clear headed effects. The array of cannabinoids has a slight entourage effect, almost approaching a light buzz but with no ‘edge’ or ‘pep’.

    Looking for more of a punch? Look elsewhere. As for myself, I like nothing more than dumping a healthy amount of CBD flower into a bowl with a piece of hash in the middle. The Molly’s Peach organic was a superior CBD product for its smell and taste, but end result is basically the same.

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