Cinderella 99

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Quart d'once
Eighth of an ounce
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5 réponses à “Cinderella 99”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Beautiful smoke

    Very happy with this strain. Dried nicely and cured to perfection. Very nice sized buds. Burns clean with nice white ashes.

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  2. Kris Kiraly dit :

    Incroyable !

    This is hands down the best Cindy ive ever smoked and ive tried 4 or 5 diff kinds. The nugs look incredible …very dense and colourful.
    The buzz is awesome also! Im going to get more of this for sure:)

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  3. Jonathan dit :

    Je l'adore !

    Really nice strain, love the energy and the uplifting high that this strain is giving you. Really nice dense nugs and the cure on it is perfect. Will get some more of it if available of course!!

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  4. Valentine dit :

    A good day smoke

    I have never tried Cindy before so I was excited to try. It has a sweet fragrance indicating a strong sativa heritage.

    It is a fairly fast acting strain as you will be pleasantly feel the energy and focus immediately with euphoria and a bit of happiness becoming more prominent as the high progress over the first 15 minutes. There is ample doses of creativity and cerebral thoughts to entertain you for the next hour and a half. The high is good for a solid two hours with the back half more relaxed. The end is also not debilitating and this should set you up in a stress free mood for the rest of the day or until you puff the next one.

    In the great scheme of things relative to the GWP’s current product line, Cindy compares with Purple Haze, Kali Mist and LSD, as they are very similar type of high. I rotate these strains with LSD taking the first joint of the day the majority of the time, but Purple Haze, Kali Mist and Cindy occasionally gets the top spot. These are my choices from WhitePalm for the first joint of the day rotation. Off course there are others from Whistler Medical but the stronger stuff takes the mid to later part of my day’s rotation.

    So, this is good stuff. Really good table wine equivalent. Well done Highland!

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  5. Tyler Verellen dit :

    Amazing strain!

    Beautiful colourful nugs dense as can be and busts crash big. Sweet taste but still a heavy hitter! A must try!

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