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1 Pre Roll
1 x 1g pre roll
3 Pre Rolls
3 x 1g pre roll

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A propos de la souche :
Faible Med Haut

Coma Cones are pre rolls that are filled with premium Indica cannabis strains and hash, then they are dipped in Pink Kush rosin and then finally, they are rolled in Bubba Kush kief for that extra kick. Burns CLEAN and SMOOTH.

Coma Cones are lights out pre rolls! Here due to high demand from our most chronic users.

The perfect way to spend your evening and take your smoke sesh to the next level.

Comes in a very convenient jar for later use and storage. Because most people cannot finish a whole one in 1 sesh.

Perfect for those who don’t like to crush out their J’s before they are done. Just slide it back into the tube while its still burning, seal the lid and let the lack of oxygen extinguish the burning bud. Intact and ready to light up again when you’re ready for another session.

What you get: 1 pre roll that has 1g of BC bud, hash throughout the joint, dipped in premium rosin, and then rolled in kief. Lights. Out.

– Comes with the plastic tube

Effets :
Relaxed, Euphoric, Calming
Médical :
Stress, Lack of Sleep, Pain
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Affordable high quality Canadian cannabis strains.
3 Customer Reviews

The world’s most famous and favorite strains at affordable prices. All homegrown in the British Columbian back country.


5 réponses à “Coma Cones”

  1. Jason J dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    I’ve been getting these for awhile now, I’m almost always super happy with them. These or Panther Cones really do the job nicely. I’ve been smoking daily for about 20 years so you know how hard it is to get past that high plateau but these really do the job. Smooth burn, not overly harsh but also lasts awhile, high kicks in fast and progresses quickly after the session is done. I highly recommend these or panther cones (panther is slightly better) for a special smoke, you won’t regret trying these. 9/10

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  2. Marty dit :


    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Nice treat

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  3. Mel dit :

    Love them

    Great for presents. Just got me blitzed

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  4. Michael B dit :
    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Non

    I was expecting more from this all i got was a little kief on the cone smoked the whole thing in less then 5 mins got a decent stone will not order this product again don’t know what Ken is talking about the only thing that is the same the he or she described is the taste

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  5. Ken dit :

    Coma cone

    Le produit correspond-il à la description ? Oui

    Yummy taste wish there was more .the glass jar was a nice touch but noway was i putting that out .and well worth it .friggin ripped for next hour or two . delicious .

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