Congo Green

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Faible Med Haut

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7 réponses à “Congo Green”

  1. ken dit :

    Fav sativa!

    This is my fav sativa offered at white palm.

    Impatiently waiting on a restock, the struggle is real! Lol

    Can’t go wrong with this stuff!

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  2. Kris dit :

    Incroyable !

    The only thing bad about this is the straggly look but this is hands down at the top of my all time sativas
    I could smell it alllll day long?

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  3. Mike dit :

    Another killer sativa from EVB

    I found this stuff to be pretty similar to the Congo Black, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I’ve ordered the black several times and it’s always really nice. This stuff is a killer daytime smoke. I’m not usually in to sativas unless they’re really nice and this bud is awesome. Great for daytime activities, won’t get you blasted but does provide a really nice motivational high.

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  4. Thomas Ruff dit :

    The Real Deal

    The Growers knocked this one out of the park!

    A Squeaky Clean Smoke with incredible flavour.

    Whomever grew this Congo is no novice.

    This Congo is real pot – a rare treasure and find!

    Hats off and thank you to whomever the growers are!

    (Please grow me some organic high grade purebred landrace Mexican Sativa)

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  5. Tara dit :

    A great daytime sativa. Also really love that it doesn’t give me munchies. This and the Red Congolese have been my favorite sativa strains on the site.

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  6. Amy dit :

    Top five

    This strain is incredible. Cool green nugs with red hairs and so sparkly! Sticky so be careful with a grinder as it will be a bit tough. The smell is light and fresh. Great in a glass piece and dry herb vape. Deep citrusy, woody exhale after a super smooth inhale.
    This is a true uplifting sativa. I cleaned the house as I had an energy burst that ended with a few more rips that ascended into a major giggle fit. High is mild and mostly in the head. Like a floaty but focused buzz that lasted about an hour.
    Only caution is I was in such a jam I listened to my tunes until 5am and missed work! Great choice for socializing or music but not great for super heavy users or those looking for a body relaxer. Don’t shy away from the price. Worth it for a treat to tuck away. Enjoy.

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  7. Joshua dit :

    Another banger from East Van!

    Wow these guys Sir know how to achieve quad A flowers. This strain is awesome for all day use. Get super ripped off just afew hits. Medicated for a very long time and no burnout!

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