Cookies Gelato #2

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Cookies Gelato is the lovechild of two legendary cannabis strains. She inherited insane potency, a sweet taste, and impressive productivity. And all of these elements have been optimized by Cali Bliss. This is now #2 and it is much, much improved. 25% instead of 23% THC too.

First of all, we need to give a little background information on the growers of this beautiful Cookies Gelato strain. Cali Bliss is the new grower team on the block. These guys are heavy hitters and we’ve been waiting roughly a year and a bit to stock some of their strains. We’re lucky enough to grab 3 of them as of right now. They focus on real and true California genetics but with their own twist. Some strains take years to get to the point where these guys are happy with them.

“The more cannabis you smoke, the higher your tolerance becomes. It doesn’t take much for beginners to get stoned. A couple of puffs from a weak strain will do the trick. However, after several years, seasoned smokers require stronger bud to experience the same effects. Cookies Gelato is one of these strains. She provides a monstrous THC level that thrusts the mind into an altered state of consciousness and suspends it there for hours.” – Royal Queen Seeds

Cookies Gelato inherited her mighty effects from potent parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. However, this dynamic duo is known for more than their sheer power. As you can tell from their names, they both boast sweet and sugary terpene profiles. Cookies Gelato is a manifestation of the best traits from both of these legendary varieties.

The buds on this guy are not very dense and on the medium to small side (genetically the case – there is no way around it). More fluffy and soft. Meaning there is more air space within the bud itself. This may lead to a quicker burn and could feel harsher if not accounted for. So just make sure you pack it in nicely to remove air space. If you’re rolling a joint pack it tight, if you’re smoking a bowl pack it tight as well. It is the nature of the strain.

What does the #2 mean?

– Enhanced effects (more refined)

– Enhanced flavour (more refined terp profile)

– Higher THC content (used to be 23%, now is 25%)

– Better cure and trim too

Effets :
Creative, Happy, Euphoric
Médical :
Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pain
À propos du vendeur :
Marque d'herbe Cali Bliss Canada
Inspiré par la génétique de l'herbe californienne et la forte culture du cannabis. L'équipe de Cali Bliss passe des années à perfectionner ses souches avant de les proposer au public.
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38 réponses à “Cookies Gelato #2”

  1. Brendan dit :

    Nice bud

    This stuff is really nice and it’s reasonably priced. Burns nice and smells nice

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  2. Jamie Sutherland dit :


    Not a big fan of this. Reminds me of mass produced cannabis that has been stored improperly in large batches- thus the hey smell. Priced right but I wouldn’t buy it again

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  3. Jamal dit :

    Love me some cookies

    Was doing laundry, smoked some of this while waiting, forgot about laundry. Had to re-do laundry today. This is great bud. Only thing the growers should improve is the flavour a tiny bit but by the sounds of who they are it sounds like they’ll take feedback and improve their shit. Dean, thank you for bringing in more growers. Much appreciated. Love you service.

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  4. Larry dit :

    Don't understand the complaints

    It is not dry. It’s just fluffy and airy. The description doesn’t say “dense”. Pack a bowl properly and you get the flavour town. This is a great strain! Solid price too. If this were government weed it would be $300 per ounce lol + tax! Hahaha

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  5. Sean Cochrane dit :

    Out of all the strains that became available from Cali Bliss, this was the one I was looking forward the most. Anything Gelato is a homerun in my experience and I left slightly disappointed. The flower looks nice and isn’t too dry however the scent terp is very haye like indicating maybe it was dried too fast, and because of this, there was no real cookie gelato terp at all. I found it to be very bland in taste. It burns well and effects are there but a semi tasteless bud with the name ‘cookie gelato’ was disappointing.

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  6. Bryan Calvert dit :

    Nice Gentle Buzz

    Smells like hay and quite dry, lots of crystals that fall of the buds and buds are somewhat loose. There’s just a hint of sweetness in the smoke and I’m not sure it’s actually 28% but for me it’s a gentle daytime buzz . Burns well tho but overall prefer South Coast to this grower.

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  7. Mike dit :

    Not too bad

    This stuff was alright, I found it to be fairly strong but that’s where the positives end. No smell to speak of really, a little bland and stale smelling. I hope this isn’t one of the strains perfecting, to be honest if I grew this I wouldn’t grow it again. I’m just not in to any cannabis strains that don’t have a beautiful smell and taste. Unless they have a seriously intense high that makes up for there being not much of a smell.

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  8. Martha Dionne dit :

    Great bud!

    Amazing flower for the price and nice and smooth to the end!

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  9. Ryan dit :

    Looks and tastes amazing! Will definitely be grabbing this again

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  10. Clifford dit :

    Typing is very difficult

    Five minutes and two volcano bags in: lovely electric buzz. Big, open sensorium. Here comes the wave: whooooosh. Not a terp bomb at all. But the peak, however, zippy, doesn’t extend forever. I like it. Give me another 15 minutes, OK? Plateaus fairly quickly. And left me ready for music.

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  11. Tyler Musselman dit :


    I was excited about this strain, the buds looked great but when I opened the bag……OOOUUUF. It smelled like fertilizer and wet dog. I still went ahead and gave it a smoke and it tasted better than it smelled, but still awful. Really harsh and no bites of sweetness at all. This experience has put me off Cali Bliss and I’m pretty hesitant to try any of the others. Surprised at all the positive reviews, maybe I just got a bad batch

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  12. Kris dit :

    Assez bon.

    Small nugs and not much smell but tastes nice and very nice clean smoke and nice buzz 4 stars !

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  13. Peter Pulse dit :

    Tasty and potent

    Only needed to smoke about .2g of this to get me nice and stoned. Loved the flavour too

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  14. Sarah dit :


    Nice buds, well-rounded high. Perfect precursor to a movie night on the sofa

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  15. ken dit :

    Looks nice, smells good.....

    I feel like this is a legit representation of a cookie hybrid. Really pretty flowers with some purple here and there. Frosty appearance/ lots of trichomes.

    Smokes great! Tastes very cookie-ish and goes down smooth. Buzz isn’t too sedating in moderation and fairly functional. Over indulging and it’s definitely going to glue you to the couch for a bit.

    I’d order this again and I plan on checking out the rest of this growers offerings.


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  16. John dit :


    Mild and fresh taste and it sure looks like a million bucks. I only vape and this has a nice light fresh taste. The buzz is mild at first, then creeps right up on you. You definitely get nice and stoned.
    Not sure about 26-28%, but this is 4star stuff all the way.

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  17. Elaine dit :

    Was expecting more but it's ok

    Honestly speaking…. I was expecting a lot more from this strain especially with an advertised THC level of 28%. I felt happy and uplifted with a calming body high with no couch lock. Feels more like a daytime hybrid than a high THC indica to me. Found the nose to be minimal , nugs are very fluffy with no density, a bit dry to roll, smoke is very smooth, As a user who suffers from chronic pain and smokes the heavier hybrid and indica strains, the high is not heavy at all. I recommend this strain if your looking for an uplifting daytime high.

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  18. Brandon Abel dit :

    Beautiful and delicious combination

    I love this strain, just got it today!! Already smoked a joint of this heavenly greenery. Tons of tricomes and the buds look absolutely frosty. Definitely taste is a 10/10, look is 9/10 and high is a definite 9.5/10. Will buy again, also looking forward to some of Cali bliss’s other strains!

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  19. billy van scoy dit :


    I was excited when i put on my welding spectacles to get a good view of the buds with a small flashlight ………..WOW very very crystals……….smooth, tasty…… I’m a indica guy thats why a 4 star rating

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  20. john dit :

    Superb bud… grinder was abnormally full of crystals

    a lovely buzz to…..and I smoke a lot!!

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  21. Maria Mazzuca dit :

    Cookies Gelato

    Great buzz. Nice smell.

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  22. Sean Broman dit :

    Cookies Gelato

    Really …DON’T miss out on this. If your chronic like myself your looking for a strain that breaks through, a strain that makes sure you know you’ve smoked a fatty. This is a true premium smoke and a refresh from the same”o”stuff

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  23. Nicole Arnold dit :

    Sweet High

    Love this stuff. It grinds well and burns nicely in the pipe. I’ve smoked it a few times and found the high strong each time and had lots of great creative energy and focus. I’m a very regular smoker and am finding a little goes a long way.

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  24. Jared dit :


    Buds look good but on the dry side, more fluffy than dense. Would have like to see this strain when it was fresher! Mild stone, not heavy, not super flavourful smoke either.

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  25. Shawn dit :

    Nice look and smell

    Very tasty, nice thick smoke and white ash. Great buzz, strong. SmallIsh buds for the most part.

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