Critical OG x 91 Chem Dawg

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8 réponses à “Critical OG x 91 Chem Dawg”

  1. Sheldon dit :


    Been awhile since I’ve had this flower but wow it was amazing. Ive tried it in concentrates and it always hits nice.

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  2. Deryl dit :

    Strong smoke ,great smell and appearances. But I would also say bad flushing of chemicals. Tasted very chemically and made my face go numb and tingly.

  3. Cory dit :

    RIGHT ON THE MONEY! ? ? ? ? ?

  4. Randy dit :

    Great cannabis, sour hashy on the exhale, all encompassing buzz. Thanks, guys

  5. Randy dit :

    Conniosseur bud

    Terrific flavor and buzz. Top shelf. Thanks guys.

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  6. Jesse dit :

    The taste and presentation of the beautiful bud was amazing. With a nice kick

  7. Stéphane dit :

    A nice little bomb!

    Delicious taste and what about the trim … perfect!
    The effect is very powerful and comes quickly and goes down smoothly. The CBD help much to calm the “rush” so no paranoia, no idea too. Things become rather simple.

    Thank you for giving us these good products.

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  8. Lisa dit :

    Prime Jive

    This is a superior plant that provides a very smooth smoke. Euphoric and happy, this one gave me plenty of laughs and lots of power to keep going. I have chronic pain, but had none yesterday when this was at my side.

    Highly recommended.

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  9. Brad dit :

    Tasted great. Super stinky (so keep it stored away air tight). Excellent tight buds with tons of crystals. Long lasting and gives you a superior ability to eat everything in sight. Definitely recommended. The customer service from White Palm is outstanding.

  10. Liam dit :

    Tight nugs. Bud smelled kinda weak at first . Tasted better than it smelt. Really strong stone . Got me high school high. Thank you white palm

  11. Marisa dit :

    Bad Flush.........

    Tried this out as it was rated high potency. That may be true but the flush on the batch leaves a lot to be desired. Heavy black ash in a RAW joint. Good high sure, but nasty taste. Improve the flush and this could be a great strain!

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  12. William dit :

    Great Strain

    I actually think I ordered this strain on a whim because the price was such an odd number. I have been greatly impressed with it. Nice high that comes down nice and slow and doesnt make me crash. Quite a nice flavour and strong smell. Will be ordering again to refill my jar!

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  13. Mathieu dit :

    I order a 14 and the bud is so tight ?? nothing bad to say ! I Recomended anytime and fast shipping ! Thanks white palm

  14. Riley dit :

    Delightful Hybrid

    Ordered a half o of this little while back and it was of suburb quality, tight nugs medium green in color, covered in trichomes, dried well and crunchy. A earthy pungent smell filled my house when i opened the package. definitely for night time use, relaxed my mind and body to the point of not wanting to leave the coach for hours. Helped with my insomnia, good night sleep when every I medicated with it.

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  15. Darryl dit :

    One of the first strains ive tried!

    So far this one has to be my favourite! The hybrid expresses itself with define flavour from each strain, id recommend to try despite the pricey tag.. Worth every penny

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  16. Jonathan dit :

    This was my first order from White Palm so I decided to get the “best” most expensive product. I was disappointed in how wet the buds were. Either it was not dried properly or something was added to re-moisten the buds.

    Once I left it out for two days with the bag open all was good and it was easy to smoke.

    Tastes great, the high is exactly what i was looking for.

    If your trying to hide this is not the bud for you, its really stinky! :)

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