Death Bubba – Pre-Roll

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0 réponses à “Death Bubba – Pre-Roll”

  1. Charles Olson dit :

    This was my fav from the pre rolls for after hand surgery. Has to be a bit of cbd in them I am thinking. Ordered more as this strain really does help with sleep.

  2. Melissa dit :

    I shared this pre rolled with a friend and half way through we were feeling pretty good and it lasted awhile

  3. Ashley Smith dit :

    A friend gave me some of this and I have to say I am not a big fan of it, kind of gave me this numb feeling with a bit of high; wasn’t to fond of it.

  4. Brandon Abel dit :

    Really enjoyed the roll job, plus the container is a keeper. But the weed itself was off the charts, great couch lock. It took two sittings for myself to finish the joint. But will definitely buy again, if the ounces were a little cheaper I would be all over that shit.

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