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17 réponses à “SINGLE-USE ELECTRIC Cotton Candy Vape Pen”

  1. Darren dit :


    I like the Phant products, some technical issues in the past, but the WP team always supports with great service
    Thank you

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  2. susan dit :

    Nice pen. I bought a few. I don’t really get much of a cotton candy flavor, though, but after a few puffs, that doesn’t matter :)

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  3. Erin dit :

    Chill buzz, great flavour. Hard to get started, but once it’s lit you’re golden.

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  4. scott dit :

    Good high but what cotton candy?

    good high works fine but taste nothing like cotton candy i just taste weed. plus side arrived fairly fast much faster than other sites Ive ordered from. Most likely i would order again.

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  5. HK dit :

    Best non C02 pens on the market

    For non C02 this is as good as it gets. Last long, has a great flavor , hits hard, and the battery almost never dies before the cartridge is empty. Awesome for baseball games or concerts, even used it on a long train ride once.

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  6. Jason dit :

    Amazing product

    These device are very handy and very discreet! I got a free pen when I placed my first order and loved it. I a, considering buying 6 for the $200 deal just to have around. Good for those times I can’t use my magneto vale pen.

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  7. ROBERT dit :

    I’m a little disappointed with this one, but only in the taste department! Was expecting more of a cotton candy flavour and was pretty mild to almost nonexistent. It pretty much tastes like smoking straight none flavoured oil….which isn’t bad by any means just doesn’t taste like cotton candy lol

    As far as effectiveness and quality of the product it’s great!! Smooth and easy to take a nice big haul….just lacks the flavour!!

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  8. Mike dit :

    Did have issues with battery dying before shadder done with 2 of the pens. Can take mouthpiece off and clean with a pin. Fair to middling amount of tokes

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  9. Matt dit :

    This pen was a surprise. I only had one issue with it, the extract seemed old and dried out through the little window. I tried it anyway and it worked. I’m just a bit worried that I won’t be able to get max use out of it because of all the dried extract that wont be able to be vapourized. Might need a bit more stringent quality control. But as I said it works and it’s a nice high.

  10. Zach dit :

    Great flavour , I’ve had a pen like his from another company and I can say it was not comparable to phants pen , I would recommend buying the 6 pack if your an avid smoker

  11. Richard dit :

    Just need 2 or 3 hits of this pen and i’m suuuuper high. And the cotton candy flavour is super cool

  12. Jean-Robert dit :

    Best Disposable pen EVER !

    That is just so AMAZING ! a nice ans smooth device, nice flavor/odor, really strong to .. If you take a good 3 sec and keep it, you definitly know the effect. 3-5 Good hit are probably just enough ;)

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  13. Rebecca dit :

    I received this pen with my order and I found it to be packaged perfectly. And the convenience and handiness of the product, you can take it anywhere and it looks virtually like a regular pen! So if your looking for something that is very discreet and can used unnoticeable, this is for you!

  14. Jason dit :

    Awesome pen

    Such an amazing idea, this pen didn’t really have a cotton candy flavour I could taste shatter more then the actual cotton candy flavour. I have sampled the blueberry pen also and it had a more dominant blueberry flavour. The high was amazing and love how portable and discrete one can be using this. I didn’t smell of marijuana afterwords, loved this pen and can’t wait to get another one.

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  15. Matt dit :

    Got this as a bonus with my first order and I love it. It’s perfect for on the go and those times your rechargable pen might be dead or lost. It tastes great and I can see myself actually ordering this again! best bonus gift ever. Thank you GWP I can’t wait to order again

  16. Tim dit :

    Merci Whitepalm

    Received this as freebie with first order. Perfect gift. Discreet, smooth and very enjoyable. Will buy in future.

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  17. Daniel dit :

    Nice topper, but i wouldnt order again. Also, it didn’t have very much flavor to it.

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  18. David dit :

    Tastes sweeter than the purple candy phant pen! After a long day at work its perfect to help you relax and help get some good nights sleep. I personally have really bad insomnia so this pen doesnt seem to help. Ill be getting a higher dosage of indica shatter and thc capsules next time.
    Custumer service were great, they answered all my questions and helped me pick out what products would help the most to for me to get sleep at night.
    Over 9.5/10 for pen and custumer service.
    Great Job Whitepalm, Thanks Again!

  19. Thomas dit :

    I just got my cotton candy phant and tried it last night, it was a good flavour followed by a very good high, nice and relaxing. I had a great sleep I highly recommend this product. Easy to use good design.

  20. patrick dit :

    First time user of cannabis in almost 20 years. I am surprised how using this pen doesn’t small cannabis. Even using it in my car (parked) it doesn’t smell in the car.

    I am not so knowledgeable. But I can say with 3-6 toke, I have a Nice buzz… sitting in my couch, not moving and getting lost in my thoughts. Hope this helps!

  21. Tyler dit :

    Awesome Disposable Pens!

    PHANT has got the best disposable pens I have ever purchased and tried. Really well done. Also lasts a lot longer than any other pen I’ve tried. Great job!

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  22. Ryan dit :

    Great little pen!!

    Ordered one of these after trying another flavor as a freebie! The taste is great, it’s very portable and effortless!

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  23. Brandon dit :

    Got this item free with my first order, wasn’t sure if I would like it but ended up loving it. So discreet can take it anywhere. Nice and easy to draw effective hits and a good buzz all with the treatful cotton candy taste.

  24. Chad dit :

    Fantastically Efficient

    This was my first time purchasing a cannabis oil product, so I was very unsure of what I was buying. The customer service team spent 30 minutes immediately answering all of my questions. The response time on Facebook Messenger was under 2 minutes and a helpful representative guided my purchase. The item was shipped and arrived on the estimated date, and the product held true to Whitepalm’s recommendation. For someone who is new to cannabis oil, this product was a great choice. Thanks Whitepalm!

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  25. Tyler dit :

    Nice and smooth hit everytime accommodated with a nice sweet cotton candy flavor, very clean high and very good quality product

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