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Faible Med Haut

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5 réponses à “Lindsay OG”

  1. Matthew dit :

    Expensive garbadge

    Where does this stuff come from? Looks like outdoor and prices are nuts! If you guys want some lawn clippings I’ll sell you that for 50$ to. If I was running a company I would pride myself on top notch bud. Are you proud of this stuff whitepalm? I would be embaresssd to sell this stuff. No offence. Just miss how things use to be. None of this would ever be posted by you guys in the past!!

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  2. Josh dit :

    Nobody cares that your order wasn't a bag of 3 gram nugs

    you do realize that 99% of the majority of large scale wholesale producers working with the government or whomever, grow upwards of 200,000 plus plants at any given time. Not to mention most have a veg room, a clone room and flower rooms simultaneously happening all at once on what I’m assuming would be all relatively during the same time period, once the different light cycles for each room are accounted for and such. Imagine how much work and endless tasks to get done even in one with only 100 growing plants.
    you think they finna have ANY spare time to be goin around, fimming each plant, 2-3 times each every 3 weeks my mans.

    I ain’t tryna throw any shade at you my mans, I’m just saying people should try and look at the jobs they’re doing that I know just 1 plant can consume half.your day alone from experience, I couldnt imagine thousands.

    My pain point is dude, with so many plants growing and flowering all at once, 98% of cultivators all.grow single topped, tall Christmas tree lookin ass, single monster cola growing money pits.
    absolutely mesmerizing and gorgeous lookin ass single king colas.

    there aren’t very many wholesale operations with the time, effort or manpower or again, time,.to go around topping or low stress training every plant ontop of writing down every step do e to which plant at what time, every time.
    you’re lucky that you got a big bud my guy

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  3. Kevin dit :

    Price to high I bought some for 175.00 a once and now on number 5 once

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  4. Aysia dit :


    A mild smoke, but delightful for daytime and getting things done. Can also really appreciate the CBD content for anxiety and pain.

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  5. P. dit :

    Nice smoke. Small buds.

    I’ve been a huge fan of EVB for about 2 years now, and by far these have been the smallest bud I’ve ever had from them. Everything else is good but for the tag, I’m expecting to see a atleast 1 (1-2g) nug in a Q, that I ordered.
    Very DISSAPOINTED on EVB atm.

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