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Faible Med Haut

The very berry Sweet Blue strain is a cross between Sweet Skunk and Blueberry. This drop is limited to only 120 grams. Holy molly.

The Sweet Blue strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by body-mind relaxation. Prompts giggles and chattiness, boosts creativity, improves concentration, energizes the mind. Helps with pain, relieves stress and PTSD.

And this is why this is now Ashley’s 2nd favorite strain of all time. Reminds us a little of the Rose gras giggles and creativity.

This strain was bred by Spice of Life Seeds company in 1994 so once again, we would love to thank our strain hunting buddies at East Van Boutique. This strain is almost hazy but what separates it from say a Seedsman Haze is its funky sweetness.  Over ten years later, one of those selections is still grown by a select few talented growers – that is the Sweet Blue. This popular Sweet Skunk clone was dusted with Blueberry pollen provided by DJ Short.

You are smoking history when you smoke Sweet Blue. Sativa leaning history.

Effets :
Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy
Stress, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain
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  1. Clifford dit :


    I love E. Vancouver whoever they may be (thank you. namaste and all that. ). The ones that now come in the pink plastic tubes. And this one–Sweet Blue–very very sweet. Psychedelic pot. My Fave. Great with the headphones. My pot is mostly taken solo, so I can never speak about its sociability. But I did try to have a conversation with my wife, and I didn’t get very far because I was way too stoned for human communication. You get the idea. Mmmmmmm.

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