Tuna Kush


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3 réponses à “Tuna Kush”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Good but way to expensive

    Very nice ..I get it the exact same strain for $200 an ounce not $400….Also tuna kush he nothing to do with fish at all…Funny how you say it smells like it when it has nothing to do with fish.Lol…Another scam by WP

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  2. Aysia dit :

    No complaints!

    Popcorn buds but very dense and sticky. Smooth and flavourful. This strain is a really good uplifting one.

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  3. Mike dit :


    This is definitely not the best tuna kush I have had. The smell is pretty mild, I’m not sure why they say it smells like tuna fish, it doesn’t. Definitely no skunk smell either. Like the Girl Scout cookie I also ordered, this bud didn’t have that look that the other EVB strains have had, that stinky/stickyness that most the other strains have. I gave both the GSC and this 3 stars because of the price, I would have gone with 4 stars but the price and description makes you think you’re getting high end bud.

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