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9 réponses à “Fire OG”

  1. Jared dit :


    Great looking nugs, frosty and sticky but more on the dry side. Smokes smooth with a bit at the end. Good stone tastes of slight fruity

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  2. Sarah dit :

    Très bien

    Very nice taste, high and presentation… good afternoon indulgence. Not interested in any heavy labour like yard work but still puttering around the house. This one provides a great small task high.

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  3. Sean Broman dit :

    Fire OG

    I’ve tried this strain from multiple growers and I had a wide spectrum of experiences. As result of my previous experience I had no benchmark to reference to weigh this against. Problem solved as I’ve decided to use this as the benchmark for this strain. Absolutely beautiful from start to finish, it is without question a premium amongst premiums high grade.

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  4. ken dit :

    I liked it

    Looks great. Nice, tight flowers. Citrusy and earthy to smell/taste to me. Decent, relaxing buzz. Great for watching a movie or fav series.

    I’d order this again.


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  5. Peter Pulse dit :

    Hope they keep this one around


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  6. Jonathan dit :

    De bonnes choses

    Nice looking nugs. Taste is earthy a bit and the high is relaxing.

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  7. Sean Cochrane dit :

    I ended up grabbing almost all the Cali Bliss strains. Fire OG was the second strain I sampled and it was a much better experience than the first strain (can’t review it because it’s no longer listed). The flower is well trimmed and aesthetically very nice. Lots of decent sized nugs and terps. It burns well, not quite white but a light grey nonetheless. I’m a pretty dedicated South Coast customer so this from another grower met those standards and I’m happy with this strain.

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  8. Valentine dit :

    Damn! Dis da goood stuff mon

    Haro everybody!
    One of ma most favourite legal cannabis is Gage Strawberry Fire OG. So when I saw this Fire OG I go I must try.
    Yah mon, dis da very good stuff.
    This Fire OG “high” is very cerebral and the takeoff is like hoping on a magic carpet. There is more electric energy feel compared to the Strawberry Fire OG, which has stronger euphoria wrapped around you like a blanket of bliss. This Fire OG is more electric type energy. It is really nice. It be great for walks … someday.
    Well done Cali Bliss and WELCOME!
    Keep safe and happy self isolate.

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  9. Mike dit :


    This stuff was okay, wasn’t too impressed with it though. Pretty mild smell and taste and the high isn’t overpowering or anything like that. Kind of has an odd smell kind of like melons or something, it’s pretty mild. Had to hydrate the 3 Cali Bliss strains I ordered as they were all so dry the flower turned to powder when I cut in to it, hate that.

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