Girl Scout Cookies

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Faible Med Haut

Let loose with Girl Scout Cookies or GSC. Let your mind have an exciting journey with one of the most famous strains on the West Coast. Cookie time.

Girl Scout Cookies strain is ideal for dealing with repetitive strain injuries because it launches your mind away from thinking of the pain, loss of appetite because you will most definitely get some mad munchies and depression because of the beautiful euphoria you will run into.

A quick little note on our testing experience and size of the nugs. First, we were able to secure a small amount of this 100% organic GSC flower last minute and therefore, although there are some incredible nugs in there, there are small nugs within the bags. Please be aware so that you are not surprised if you were to receive this.

On to the fun part… be aware of the creep up. It might feel like you’re not getting stoned but you are most definitely getting stoned. If you are not aware of the creep up, you might find yourself knocked.

Girl Scout Cookies launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won Girl Scout Cookies numerous Cannabis Cup awards.

It’s advisable that you start off light as it does not require a large amount of clouds to starting feeling the happy, pleasant – moving and grooving and vibeing – feelings it induces.

Effets :
Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted
Médical :
Stress, Depression, Pain

60 réponses à “Girl Scout Cookies”

  1. Riley dit :

    GSC for the win!

    Picked up some girlscout cookies lastweek for my depression and have yet to be disappointed. Brings on a full body and mind relaxation, has you zoning in and out of thoughts so much hard to get hung up on somthing, dident tire me out whille on the go threw the day

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  2. Alessandro dit :

    Girl Scout Cookies is like that awesome feeling when you first bite into a thin mint. You think ‘this is freaking unreal’ – well people it really is that good. Be careful because this little sucker packs a punch; next thing you know that box of thin mints is long gone and your scouring around the house for more.

  3. Ben dit :

    Top 5 strain

    Perfect hybrid for day or night . Wowzers.

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  4. Liam dit :

    This was a great strain for the price. Taste was on point and got me really baked… if you see it in stock grab it cuz it sells out fast !

  5. Eric dit :


    Can’t wait until WP get’s a new shipment of this!

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  6. travis dit :

    want some!

    when willl you guys have more? been wanting to try for a long time

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  7. billy van scoy dit :


    i was very dissapointed cause i missed the earlier patch which was 28%thc and 3cbd. but this 1 was very good and tasty. the buds are so dense when i put my oz in my mason jar it looked like half an oz but i weight it and it was an oz very dense buds will buy again top self

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  8. Raj dit :


    I’ve had a lot of GSC in my time and thought I would make an order from white palm. Smoked, its solid, gives a nice balance of relaxation and sativa euphoria. On the other hand, I make rosin oil and this strain didn’t yield very much. But as a smoke, it did the job. I like it for the day time, even though I’m more of an indica person.

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  9. Josh dit :

    Muchies and amazing sleep

    This batch packed a punch, buds are super dense and smell great, when busted in a grinder the smell is very pungent and strong. The buzz is wonderful, during the day is possible but with a little spaceyness so more of an at home buzz for me. Best for having a delicious supper and movie night as munchies are huge with this one and your body will will relax into nothingness when you sit down. Also gives me a top notch sleep every time

    Taste/smell 8/10
    Bag appeal 8/10 Dense, small buds with good trim.
    Buzz 9/10 Wonderfully balanced and rather strong
    Lenght 2-2.5hrs

    Verdict 8.5/10

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  10. Olivier Tomb dit :


    Bag appeal : looks just like the picture, maybe a bit lighter. very balanced hybrid bud structure and colors but a little weird for a gsc, this wasnt like any pheno I had had before. Sugar-coated, perfectly trimmed and perfectly grown but not a thin mint or forum cut. Organically grown so it has a unique smell. not very gsc-esque but very hazy! same for the taste
    not the best bud but a good hybrid

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  11. Lory dit :

    It’s ok hubby likes but not for me

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  12. Aysia dit :


    this strain for sure runs heavier on the sativa side, making it a great mid-day smoke. i’m for sure going to be ordering more gsc soon. it’s a popular strain for a reason! if you’re needing to gain an appetite, this bud will give you a hand. munchies like NO OTHER lol. this is also a very cerebral high. i don’t think i’ve been more creative after smoking. i recommenced this to any/all of my arty peeps, because whether you’re colouring in a colouring book, or painting the Mona Lisa, funky things will happen…. and i mean this in the best way. images and ideas i’ve never even thought were possible came to me. it’s almost like i was a (young) child again, with a working imagination!

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  13. Maxwell dit :


    pretty good bud but a little to dry for me.

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  14. Tara dit :

    flavour was amazing!

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  15. Christian dit :

    Voyage in the past

    It smell, tast and feel’s like 25 years ago ! had some like that while back, great souvenirs.
    I have fibromyalgia and arthrosis. GSC is great for me, it calms everything.
    Thank you beaucoup !!

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  16. james dit :

    Cookies from a girl scout!

    A touch dry but somewhere betwern 3 and 4 A strain. The hybrid is a heavg buzz. I feel like im in the couch more than anything right now. But if i were to go make food or do an activity id be cool with that too.
    Great smoke. Glad i got it on sale bc in my opinion, for 20 more dollars i can get blue coma which is just much better. However that is me not the rest of population. If this helps id say
    buzz 8 outta 10 ..
    Smell 7.5 outta 10
    Appearance 8.5 outta 10
    Great in bong havent rolled one yet.

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  17. deidre dit :

    Gsc is my favorite next too Bruce banner

    Love this beautiful bud. It helps me alot. With physical health. I hate the fact that I have muscle spasms ever day. But this bud it help me live life a little better. Thanks whitepalm for your awesome selections of great quality Marijuana. I’d give this 10 ☆ if that we’re possible. ?⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐???⭐

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  18. Mike dit :

    The smell. Oooh that smell

    It’s too bad that this stuff came in so dry because the flavour and smell are fully there so that means this was grown and flushed correctly but man… Why is it practically dust? Glad I bought an ounce so I’m putting half of it away in a jar with boveda packs to bring the moisture back and make this smokable. Thanks anyway WP. I took advantage of the boxing week sale on this one not worth the regular price coming in so dry. Scores: flavour 8/10 buzz 9/10 smell 9/10 bud quality 5/10 only due to the dryness but trimmed beautifully. I will post an updated review if I manage to revive my bud

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  19. Frank dit :


    Very nice strain to smoke anytime,,,only complaint it was very dry .

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  20. Tom dit :

    Good taste

    The High wasn’t what I was expecting. Was not a big fan of the minty taste.

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  21. Guillaume dit :


    Nice price ! Ive paid this in sale and the quality is exceptional ! Taste good like the girl scout have to tatse give you some nice munchies and chill on th couch whit a movie …. Its all you need ! This strain stong its will get you lazy ! And its taste amazing try this !!

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  22. Kyle dit :

    It’s good stuff it’s just super dry

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  23. Jeff dit :

    Amazing once again Kootenay Fire

    Buds looks and smell amazing, on the dry side, but soon forgoten afer afew puffs. A+

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  24. Brett dit :

    Bonne chose

    I got an oz of this on my last purchase. When I received it, my buds were SUPER DRY, and I was ready to complain to White palm about it, until…… BAM!! Smoked a doobie, and my god! What a great buzz! Didn’t even finish the doob! Did not need to! I just happened to get a dry batch is all, once I put it in a jar for abit with some damp paper towel, it was good to go! Don’t hesitate to try this strain, it will get you hella high! I find that the more you smoke, the less high I seem to get. The first few doobies were unreal though! Another great product!

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  25. Leslie dit :

    Love this strain. It is very uplifting and relaxing … Not a heavy couch lock but puts you in the right state for a relaxing time on the sofa

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  26. Brooklyne dit :

    Got this when it was on sale

    Like the sale price much better. Normal price is sadly out of my price range (although it’s definitely worth it)

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  27. Vincent dit :


    the batch i got was a bit dry crumbles into powder, nice buzz though smooth on the exhale. great for day time afternoon.

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  28. Gabryel dit :

    Jump on it

    Jump on it before its too late
    Incredible price
    Extreme daytime smoke

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  29. Brian dit :

    Cookies?!?...more like Candy...

    Appearance 9.5/10 tight dense medium sized medium green buds just caked in thick white crystal,a few hairs,trim is close but could be tighter,bud arrived to dry,couple days in the jar with a few drops of water and it came back real nice.
    Aroma 9.5 sour citrus notes,with some sugary sweetness and a little diesel,smells like candy NOT cookies…sometime’s i shake my head at the names people name their strains…
    Flavor 9.5/10 again more sour citrus and diesel,a nice sweet aftertaste that taste’s NOTHING like cookies….face palm…
    Active effects 9.5/10 energizing sativa high, felt mostly in the head but also brings a mellow body stone that works ok for pain, a great day time buzz that feels nice and leaves you functional.
    Overall 9.5/10 awesome.

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  30. james dit :

    Quite Good

    One of my fave buds…I’ve had some pretty airy buds of GSC in the past but these were pretty good…a bit dry but I’ll add a few drops of water to the jar…
    The aroma was was faint but did smell good…smelled stronger after grinding…maybe the drops of water will improve that…
    The taste was good…burns nice…greyish ash…vapes nice…
    The effects were quite good…for me had a nice sleep afterwards….

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  31. marcus dit :


    this is a great strain for daytime use !!

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  32. Shane dit :


    I’ve tried a few hybrids crossed with the legendary GSC, but never tried the OG. Man, have I been missing out. When vaped, you understand the name right away. The taste is cool, minty and sweet (Pairs great with coffee in the morning). Some of the best bud I have tasted in a little while. The smell is very pleasant as well, almost like a fresh pine/minty air freshener. In my opinion, this feels like a great 50/50 high. It’s a great all day strain for me as it keeps me functional but not paranoid. I bought a half O mostly because it was on sale and because I’ve always wanted to try the strain and I regret nothing other than not trying it sooner. At the current price point, this bud is a steal. Try it!

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  33. Lorraine dit :

    Good quality and decent price. Enjoyed the taste and effects

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  34. Lee dit :


    Smells like orange peels, pine sap and fuel. Big fat trichomes under the microscope. (I’d post photos if it were an option.) Motivating but physically relaxing, anti-anxiety, thought-provoking. Model sativa.

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  35. Mike dit :

    Buds have a nice look. Has a different taste. Not a fan, not that it is a bad taste, I just prefer something else. Good stone. fairly crystally. Bit harsh. And I just smoked a joint that burned weird and had black ash. And had that “taste” to it. All the other doobs were fine so far. I still give it a easy 4

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  36. Tab dit :


    This is my fave cafe patio strain.
    It’s light, mellow- fully mentally aware.
    I’m happy and relaxed.

    Opening the baggy- the smell.. you smile.

    It can flare a bit of anxiety if you let it. Best to clear yourself and be in a great emotional place before smoking.

    Decent day time smoke. :-)

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  37. Kristy dit :

    Sneaks up on you

    Good high… nice and crystally!

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  38. Brandon dit :

    Super !

    Haven’t had GSC in a long time, this filled the gap! It’s not as strong or tasteful as some of the GSC I’ve had in the past but still great. The taste is lacking for me personally, but it’s there. It’s such a clean high. Good for anytime use, especially daylight and I think this is the best highlight of this strain on regarding WP’s version.

    Flavors: 7/10 ~ Tastes smooth, diesely but no cookie taste :(
    Effects: 7/10 ~ Daytime high is great! Clean and controlled, love it.
    Overall: 8/10 ~ It’s not a very potent strain, but that’s why it’s great also.

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  39. Ryan Giles dit :


    Was so excited to see this batch and it came just as expected. The buds were amazing all around and same with the effects. I did receive one ugly duckling nug that tasted awful. Other than that this is amazing for it’s price.

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  40. Jean-Robert dit :

    Just so good to be ignored !

    **I Always Use a Volcano Vaporiser at lvl 9, using 0.20g /Bag. ** GSC his one of the best strain from Southcoast, never been disapointed about the quality of this one. even if dont come from GWP … It’s a strain you will reminder. Great and smooth taste, and for the result, just try by yourself cause now with this discount that worth the price !

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  41. Fernando dit :

    Love this bud

    This is my all time favorite but to buy, the taste is unreal taste just like the cookies I don’t know how they do it! It’s perfect for daytime smoke, this I’d a must try if you haven’t already.

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  42. Stephen dit :

    Awesome GSC

    Just awesome. Lovely, nice classic cookies.

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  43. elsie dit :

    If GWP girl scounts only came to my door a box of these cookies :o)

    So I have been starting to give 5 days with each flower before writing reviews I read reviews before making my purchases, please GWP friends we should try and only post a review if we have actually tried the flower.

    I am so glad I was able to secure one of the last ounces before they sold out. I love the fruity taste with a little pungent after tones. My bag was filled with nice sized buds, I only used the mighty and volcano so I cant actually say how it burns. I love the euphoric effects that GSC provided. This is a good flower for when you like a little buzz but don’t want to be locked down for the day, but keep on going for some deep relaxation. Another fine flower.

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  44. Ryan Giles dit :

    was super impressed

  45. Denis St Jean dit :

    a friend of mine purchased this and it was relly nice
    give GSC a 4 out of 5 stars
    the taste was smooth and the buds were nice
    The high was good

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  46. Kris Kiraly dit :

    Très bien !

    Definately 5 stars . very nice hard nugs . lotsa crystals and smokes very nice. Great buzz !
    All around great :)

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  47. sean mingo dit :


    I love this strain, but i didnt receive gsc. I got sent crap that was dried in a dehydrator, smells like hay and tastes like a cigarette.

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  48. Ashley Smith dit :

    Its a nice bud, nice buzz but it doesn’t last long which disappointed me.

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  49. tony dit :

    It’s decent weed. Grab some if comes up

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  50. Neil dit :


    Nice buds, very caked. Strong aroma and overall a very smooth taste. Good relaxing buzz for when you just need to shut down.

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  51. Brandon Hayden dit :

    Best GSC strain I smoked so far

    Pretty good sized buds caked with crystals,will be ordering this strain again

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  52. Corey dit :

    Gets you going

    Nice Buds nice smell burns decent cant go wrong with the price you paying for Oz

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  53. Marty dit :


    Very nice…

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  54. Jared Bull dit :

    Them GSC doe

    Was a good high. Nice compact buds with a nice amount of THC. Smell was okay, taste was good. Was worth trying out that’s for sure

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  55. Marty dit :

    Tout bon


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  56. christian mcleod dit :

    what a chunk!

    What a delicious deep flower, the nug that i received was a big tasty treat.

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  57. Chris dit :

    Just keaps coming and coming

    Starts off strong and only gets stronger as time goes on.
    Great stuff

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  58. Shawn dit :


    Big fat chunky nugs covered in crystal. Great smell and taste, burns very well. Great high.

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  59. Charles Sanders dit :


    Gorgeous dense nugs with great trichome crystals (seriously I’d post pictures if I could). Nice tasting mellow flavour. Burned well with no harshness to the smoke. Wonderfully balanced effects between a good body stone that didn’t result in couch lock, and a nice cerebral high. Had me raiding the fridge about 30 minutes after smoking though…

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  60. Rolando Moreno dit :

    No cookies

    Not wat i expected , but good weed. No taste of cookies art all :-/

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  61. Rox Turner dit :

    My favourite from WP

    You gotta try this one.
    By far the best Ive tried (yet- I’m new) from WP
    Solid big sparkling nugs. Busts up perfectly. A little goes along way. Tastes and smells divine. Buzz lasts long time. Totally worth premium price.

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  62. dustin h dit :

    pretty wicked

    got a bag and it was the classic girl scout cookies, dense nugs. would get more, interesting terpene profile but GSC is always a little different grow to grow I find

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