Grape Ape Disposable Vape

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1 x 0.6mg
3 x 0.6mg
6 x 0.6mg

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6 réponses à “Grape Ape Disposable Vape”

  1. Lindsey Caradonna dit :

    Great value with these and the grapes my favorite one. The high is the strong. The battery sometimes dies before the oil is finished. Buy I’ve opened it up and retrieved the oil, refilled an empty cartridge and that’s fine by me. Every disposable vape I’ve tried has this issue once in a while anyways and you can’t beat this price!

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  2. Aysia dit :

    not bad

    A pretty solid pen. I had a bit of a blockage happen once, but with a little harder of a pull it worked itself out. Only need a few inhales before I’m good.

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  3. Melissa dit :

    It tastes alotlike grape and its gives you a nice high some pens empty faster but worth the money

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  4. Howie dit :


    Tell you what these disposable pens are great you just need to take a minute or so between puffs and everything should work fine. The only problem I have had is the odd one seems to be a little low on distillate so you might only get 50 or so puffs. That being said this is my fav and wow does it ever taste like GRAPE! This one is dangerous for me because it tastes so darn yummy! If you like grape you gotta try this you wont be disappointed!

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  5. Zachary Johnston dit :

    Great value

    Very discrete, last a fairly long time, and no need to charge before the oils ends. Would definitely recommend.

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  6. Scott dit :

    Tasty and potent

    Great tasting, high quality product. chargeable as well which is comforting as i’ve had disposables that died before product was finished.

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