THC Distillate Disposable – Pineapple

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Faible Med Haut

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5 réponses à “THC Distillate Disposable – Pineapple”

  1. Melissa dit :

    Mon préféré

    I usually dont like pineapple thing but this is my favorite vape that is carried

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  2. Howie dit :


    I have to say these pens work just fine (knock on wood) I have tried quite a few different flavors, and have not had a problem drawing off of them. The one issue that I do have is there seems to be different levels of distillate from one pen to the next. So sometimes you only get around 50 draws off a pen. As long as you take nice easy draws off the pen and wait a minute or so between puffs everything should work fine. Yes this does tastes like pineapple but its not really my flavor thats why I only gave it 4 stars. If you like pineapple though I definitely recommend this one!

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  3. Mason dit :


    I purchased 3 pens that were supposed to be pineapple… there was no flavor except for an oily or pure crystal taste… ( which I don’t really mind but I got a flavor to be more discreet) the effects I got off the pens when it worked was great. It was uplifting an helped with my nausea. But every pen looked to be filled to a different level an everyone of them worked different. One worked absolutely amazing ( I assume that was the only one that worked properly although i did not get 100 puffs. I’d say about 10-15 sessions though) but the other pens I had to puff really hard to get it to start working an even then It still didn’t seem like I was getting anything out of it. The idea of these pens is awesome but they are hit or miss I find. If I knew it would work everytime I would buy them every week. I guess i will have to try the reusable pens next to see if I have a better outcome. Hope this helps for anyone intrested in vape pens

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  4. Steve Kostecki dit :

    stay away from these pens

    I wouldn’t bother purchasing any product from these kinds of pens. NO chance you’ll get 100 draws off this thing. I got 22 and it conked out. I totally want my money back. I gave it 2 stars because the time it did work…. I have never felt better…

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  5. Eric dit :


    For the amount of THC, you get an auto buzz!!!

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