God Bubba

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7 réponses à “God Bubba”

  1. Chris Fischer dit :

    God Bubba

    Very disappointed for the price. Effects were very under what I was expecting.

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  2. Aysia dit :


    this strain is quite relaxing, all the while being uplifting, and keeping me talkative.

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  3. Spencer dit :

    Not very strong for the price point

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  4. Aaron dit :


    I absoultly loved everything about the bud except the price. but its deffiniately worth a try!

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  5. Joshua dit :


    Way nicer than the purple.

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  6. Clinton dit :


    Worst wait that I’ve had in a very long time ?!?

    I must admit however, especially for all of the talking of shit, i gots2spit that its also the very BeStEsT BaG I’ve had arrive at my doorsteps in a very long time !?!?!??

    But Canada Post just left it in my mailbox and didnt notify me or request a signature. Pretty expensive parcel to just leave in good faith ?!?

    AnyWhoEver, every bag that I’d ordered just seemed to get better and better as i’d opened them up.
    From the look, smell, taste and then HoLy WoWzErZzzz maybe gonna need a nap kinda feeling !!!

    Canada’Sss own, “FeLLa F. FaCaDe” ThY self proclaimed “KiNg oF CaNNaBiSss” rates this strain at a 4/5 for being a first time buyer and tryer of this strain.

    If i had to take into account the waiting time i’d rate the experience at 3/5 but i must admit that Dean and Stacy at White Palms more than made up for that with their customer service.

    Yeah the wait was the worlds worstest but i’m gonna put that on Canada Post for this round.

    We’ll see what happens for round #2…
    “”TriPLe F TeSt”
    Fragrance… 4/5
    Flavors… 4/5
    Feeling… 5/5
    Customer Service 5/5
    Canada Post 3/5

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  7. james dit :


    I got this in July, review is late I know, but I’m glad I did…nice and smooth,though I can’t nail the taste…
    and its not bad…buds are nice and chunky…
    buds break up nice..smokes nice..though ash not as white as I like…
    the effect is the best…so mellow and laid back…
    I hope it comes back soon…will order again..

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