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OG Kush Shatter

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7 réponses à “OG Kush Shatter”

  1. Howie dit :


    This is my favorite shatter I have tried, I love the taste and the high is amazing no pain! This is a must have I will definitely be buying again and again!!

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  2. Nick dit :

    I wish the reviews started with the most current. This is soft black gooey crap. Tastes like oil. So disappointing.

  3. Shelley dit :

    Just received and disappointed. Saw Ryans post and I got a piece of pure black crap and when I complained was told shatter can be black. Its only black if to much butane and heat are used. When I tried it was so harsh and the potency wasn’t there. I wont even smoke the rest!

  4. Thomas dit :

    Probably the only pack worth getting fron GOC. All other shatter packs are lower thc and not as potent. Only lther pack id get is the lemon haze because its a sativa. Rainbow kush was okay too

  5. Ryan dit :

    I’m new to shatter but the concentrates I’ve tried previously all had a light honey colour and mild flavours. I was shocked when I opened this product and found an incredibly dark almost black piece of shatter. I put it in my yocan and took a hit. It was much harsher than I was expecting and the high has been a let down. I had such high hopes. Many of the other reviews are very positive. Bad batch? Can that happen?

  6. Robert dit :

    Gonna have to agree with the last post.
    Seemed a little black and has a slight hash taste. Not really what I was expecting.

  7. Harry dit :

    This stuff honestly is almost black and tastes like burnt leaf/trim. Very disappointed and will not be smoking this.

  8. Vincent dit :

    amazing taste, heavy indica, great for relief of pain

  9. Nicole dit :

    I have been away for a while. Have some GOC ogk coming for the 4th time I believe. This is the only shatter I will smoke now. I have tried many different kinds and this has to be my favorite. I like the taste. The high. The price! Can’t wait for this order to arrive! Any GOC strain is awesome!

  10. Denis dit :

    Nice indica, strong, good flavour. I like Bying my med. from Whitepalm.

  11. Aysia dit :

    Produces really clean hits! So delicious .

  12. Angel dit :

    This shatter lasted me 4 days which is crazy long for a gram. The flavour was unbelievably delicious. Definitely worth every penny. I recommend this to everyone.

  13. Angel dit :

    Absolutely delicious flavour very yummy. Helps me with my p.t s.d., insomnia, anxiety, and with the major body pain as well. I recommend this shatter to everyone. To the newer smokers go slow 1 dab and you’ll be out so maybe a half dab for the novice.

  14. Nick dit :

    I got the yocan vape pen I find it helps make it last longer. Gods own concentrates has some of the best shatter this OG kush is one of my favourite one or two puffs and I’m good like the first time give me the giggles ??

  15. Dean dit :

    the wait for this one to be restocked was well worth it, please WP keep this one coming. GOC you hit the nail on the heady.!!!! super pleased…..

  16. Malbec dit :

    Much more intense flavor with lots of aroma, strong & potent. The only thing to be prepared for is the sticky form, good idea to keep it cold, easier to cut :]
    One of the better ones, somewhere, up there on the shelf with the s.p.e.c.t.a.c.u.l.a.r Northern Lights

  17. Ashlee dit :

    Favorite one so far, taste, feel, all on point

  18. Nicole dit :

    Wow. The flavour is so pure. One piece the size of a grain of rice was sufficient enough for my needs. It hit so smooth. I felt it in my in the head very quickly after only a minute or so. Then I could feel total relaxation in my body. This is a very potent shatter. Strongest I have tried. I have a high tolerance and one hit was perfect for a good hour. Which I ususally take at least 2 to start. Not for beginners..

  19. Tony dit :

    Nice mellow, relaxing high. Great for Arthritis pain.

  20. Shawn dit :

    This was the strongest and most medicinal out of the sample pack I received. Very potent with a fantastic flavour, I would definitely recommend.

  21. luke dit :

    tastes is really great and smooth no harshness from any chemicals, super clean some of the best concentrates out there. keep up the good work

  22. Lisa dit :

    Products like this take the art of making shatter to a whole new level. A true one hit wonder thats smooth and taste wonderful. Extremely potent indeed! most potent shatter I’ve tried yet.

  23. robert dit :

    got this comeing in will keep u guys posted

  24. Steve dit :

    Damn… a gram of shatter lasts me 3 days, don’t know if that’s a heavy user or not, but my tolerance is pretty high. I just received this GOC OG Kush and I can’t get off the couch. I haven’t been this high since I tried shatter for the first time. Just noticed they restocked, so I’m ordering more right this moment. Def not for the beginner.

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