Gods Own Concentrates Sample Pack

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Orange Crush, Blue Dream, OG Kush
Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express, OG Kush

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17 réponses à “Gods Own Concentrates Sample Pack”

  1. Nicole dit :

    I ordered the goc sample pack that was supposed to have ogk and it ended up being blue dream instead. Will leave a review once I try it.

    • Nicole dit :

      These shatters are amazing!! It doesn’t matter what kind you try they are all GREAT! If you need a strong medicine then this shatter line is the way to go! Every strain from Blue Dream or Lemon Haze to OGK or Chronic Mint, they are all great!! If you haven’t had a chance to try a gram of any strain I would highly suggest it.

  2. Aysia dit :


    all shatters are beautiful in both looks and performance. you really cannot go wrong.

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  3. Brendan dit :

    Bought both sample packs

    I like how its on sale so i bought two sample packs.. thats a great deal i find it very effective and tasty

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  4. Alexandre dit :

    Ok for the price

    Nice package, cheap product. Hard on throat, taste not bad.
    High ok

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  5. Ashley dit :

    Very nice smoke

    I like this brand name and the sample pack gives you some nice taste and strain varieties, I think the price is nice but the packaging is not my favourite still amazing and worth it, I’m ordering more of this already

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  6. Henry dit :

    GOC Sample pack

    got the sample pack and open the first one and it was dark did not taste nothing like the flavor more like oil flavor and i bought 3 – orders of the sample pack 9 grams and opened all of them and the were all dark and tasted the same but it did the job & sticky will never buy that brand again & took around 3 weeks till i saw it but not White palms fault i ordered it couple of days before or after christmas (Canada Post was Very Busy)
    flavor 1 star
    high 3 star

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  7. Brendan dit :

    Sample packs.

    Good sample pack. Effective medicine. But I would like to see a choose your own sample pack. Maybe someday they will throw that up. I want more budder selection

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  8. Thomas dit :


    Love every strain from GOC. No other brand quite does it like GOC when kt comes to quality purity and potentency. Every strain has a unique flavour and they all hit hard but smooth. Daek in color usually and always easy to work with and store. Goc sample pack is amazing and i like that theyve reduced prices keep it up

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  9. Eric dit :

    All delicious!!!

    Cannot go wrong here WP friends!!!! I’ve had the pleasure of tasting all!!:

    0 and you can’t beat it, concentrate wise!

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  10. Shania dit :

    Bubble, Pinapple, Green apple

    Shipping was rather quick, customer service 5 stars, however the sample pack wasn’t as flavourful as expected. The shatter was dark, hit hard on the throat and tasted like leaf shatter of some sort. My buzz=short lived but that’s to be expected for the price but I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again

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  11. Cory dit :

    Wasn't bad

    Worth it hands down

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  12. Joshua dit :

    Très bien.

    Smooth and easy on the throat and lungs.highly recommended!

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  13. Kd dit :

    Very pleased with my purchase – I tried the Lemon Haze, Saturno, and Chronic Mint combination and the difference in flavour profiles between the three is really nice.

    I will definitely purchase again, and I’m looking forward to trying different strains.

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  14. Neil dit :

    Awesome Variety

    Just recently got into shatter and was very impressed with the sample pack. Had Green Apple which was very soft and hard to work with but the taste and punch made up for that. Pineapple was very tasty with a good kick and the bubblegum may have been the tastiest I have ever smoked. Look forward to trying another sample pack in the very near future.

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  15. hoang ng dit :

    Great sample pack

    Always a fan of these products…
    Merci wp

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  16. Steve dit :

    Always great products from GOC

    Love GOC shatter Inalways make sure to have supply.
    Product is always A+

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  17. Erich Walther dit :


    Got the second choice. The Lemon Haze was nice, clear and tasty but made me cough a bit, and was just a little tacky, but if i blew on it, it would shatter… The Bubble Gum was actually the clearest and smoothest, very tasty too, hard hitting, and not tacky, broke up just as shatter should… The pineapple express was good too, not as clear tho, and kinda tacky, had to put it in the fridge to chill to get it to break rather than stretch… All in all very nice shatters tho.

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  18. Daniel D'Andrea dit :

    Crazy Amazing

    Hits you once you once it enters the lungs you already feel the affects of the THC. Amazing if you are trying to save some bud, long effect as well.

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