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Yoda OG Shatter

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4 réponses à “Yoda OG Shatter”

  1. Angel dit :

    This shatter i only use for nighttime. Its taste and smell are incredible. Helps with insomnia, p.t.s.d, anxiety, lack of appetite and pain.

  2. Aysia dit :


    Looks and tastes amazing. Uplifts me while also calmin my anxiety.

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  3. Brian dit :

    Yoda is great for sleep issues.

    Aroma 7.5/10 smells processed, like black licorice and pepper.
    Flavor 8.5 earthy sweet,pepper and licorice notes, not as processed as the green apple or grape ape.
    Strong thick expansive vapor that hits hard!
    Active effects 10/10 Hard hitting heavy knock out high, perfect for pain and sleep issues, recommend it right before bedtime!
    Overall 9/10 great knock out bedtime punch, heavy body and mind high, great pain killer.
    This is the hardest hitting shatter of the three that i tried (green apple and grape ape), it’s great for before bed but not so great earlier in the day unless you want to be a zombie!

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  4. Lory dit :

    This is not a green gold product Just so u know

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  5. Triston Goertzen dit :

    Yoda og

    Yoda og was a great and relaxing shatter

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