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Faible Med Haut

The Gorilla Breath smalls crosses Original Glue with OGKB to get a Hybrid with a high resin production and a strong OG aroma.

This is a smalls version of the regular Gorilla Breath. If you love hard hitting uplifting strains, this is one you should definitely try! Gorilla Breath has a delicious flavour profile including notes of pine, fuel, chocolate, and diesel, you’ll surely want to try this strain.

Humboldt County, California has long been known for being full of stoners, and so it stands to reason that the team at Humboldt Seeds Organization knows a thing or two about cannabis. This is where Zero Ave. got their cuts from :)

Taking a page from her parents, this strain tends to hit users incredibly fast with a high so powerful you’ll wonder what happened. Mental effects often include extreme euphoria that’s coupled with the desire to be social, and this can sometimes transform into arousal depending on the environment you’re in.


Effets :
Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted
Médical :
Anxiety, Depression, Pain
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The names of premium marijuana growers are heavily-guarded secrets both in the United States and abroad so it is our pleasure to introduce you to one of them! Please welcome Zero Ave. to the WhitePalm family.

The ZERO AVE. Process

Zero Ave. only grows rare and AAAA+ premium marijuana in very small batches. Their premium marijuana roster includes Blue Coma, Annihilator Kush, and Green Crack. Most of which are literally made by them. You won’t find these flowers anywhere else in the world.

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