South Coast – Greasy Pink Bubba Dab (92% THC)

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Une réponse à “South Coast – Greasy Pink Bubba Dab (92% THC)”

  1. Joey dit :

    Disapointement fo south coast

    I’m a various extract smoker and when i saw this extraxt i think it would be unbelivable because it worth 90$ a gram but i where very disapointed for the price not the quality. The quality is at is maximum but does it really value 90$/g personnally i would buy this back for 40 buck. Flawless concentrates make the same oil and sell it 30 a gram thats ridiculous but dont think that this is not quality it is top quality but nor worth 90$

    Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile ? Oui Non

  2. Ryan dit :

    Not worth 100 a gram it was alright in the taste factor and all right for a head high like I said not worth the money that was spent would purchase if price dropped drastically I was going to try Lindsay next but I think I’ll be just disappointed again

  3. cory dit :

    This stuff rocks! Heavy stone for sure, as the description says. Use too much and nothing else will get you that high, tolerance goes way up.
    Great quality! but yes, expensive.

  4. billy van scoy dit :

    ive tried this 1 and it has a very long lasting effects. but i was hoping to be lying on the floor falling out of my chair but that didnt happen mayb next time

  5. Yannick dit :

    Love at first taste.

    Worth every penny!!

    Smoke in a glass pipe. Or spread on a paper for your joint….might get expensive with the latter.

    Awesome! My third order is coming when stocks are back :)

  6. justin stewart dit :

    believe the hype this stuff is the real deal all i would recomend is using your points to justify the purchase :)

  7. Aaron dit :

    Excellent taste and smoothness! Chronic user was looking forward to the hard hit of the 92% THC… found it to be pretty mild! Was expecting to have one hit and go about my business but was able to sit and smoke 4-5 dab hits and also smoke other stuff along with it. Would get it again but looking forward to some shatter!

  8. Michael dit :

    Wow that’s the sweet stuff yip tasty and high THC I admit I flew threw it in two days but wow I felt amazing and cmon greasy pink bubba your favourite dab and flower also one treat u must try yourself!

  9. Eric dit :

    Give this a chance! It’s worth it folks!

  10. Eric dit :

    if all the “bad stuff” is extracted, congrats WP!

  11. Eric dit :

    Hmmm, may try this product next friends!

  12. Jason dit :

    Was not a big fan of this dab oil. Smelled incredible but the poentincy didn’t seem to be there. I got more of a buzz off 47% thc shatter. Would be interested to see the lab report. Are they done on every batch? Or just the initial batch when it was first created?
    This extract burned and tasted amazing with some pain relief. Would never purchase this again.

  13. Don dit :

    I was not happy with this at all! This oil is VERY runny. If tipped on its side it would pour out in less than a minute. I smoked it for four days straight & got no higher than I do from $25/gram oil I get localy. I’ve been smoking for over 30 years & this the most expensive & some of the worst oil I’ve ever smoked.

  14. billy van scoy dit :

    didnt think it was very good till i smoked my next dubbie 8 hours later long lasting buss

  15. Donald dit :

    I must say fellas that the 2 of you’s are honestly the Only 2 I’ve heard ANYTHING Negative about this Greasy Pink Dab. I’m pretty sure that I and Many of my Old School & New School Fellow Connoisseurs, Locally & those On the East & west Coast that I’ve urged to try this Product Are Quite Impressed with this Very Potent Extract. I feel that my tolerance for THC & CBD’s Is fairly High. lol. & 3 to 4 Hauls On My Phant Dab Pen & I melt into my Lazy Boy for at least an hour & then I hit it a couple more times on the way Up to bed and it’s sleepy, nu nu for me strait through until Morning. I’ll forfeit that it’s Pricey yes. However I’ve just finished my 2nd bottle off and am ordering my 3rd right now in fact. Not saying it doesn’t do the trick for you & Fraser just that it’s Definitely 90 something % THC & I Definitely Feel the Body Buzz too Every time I use it you might try to spread some on a paper with a little of your Favorite Bud? Very Tasty Treat Indeed.

    Cordialement : Don D.

  16. dan dit :

    The smell and taste are absolutely incredible !!! But wait thats all you get for 90 bucks !!! if you wanna get very high this is not the one boyz!

  17. Jason dit :

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Fraser on this
    The smell and taste are absolutely incredible. The buzz was almost non existent. I used the Phant dab pen then tried an old fashioned bottle toke but very mild for 92%.
    You can tell its helping with pain but if you’re hoping for a little high also, well that didn’t happen for me. I enjoyed same pain relief but with a fun buzz from the budder.
    The smell and taste are incredible though

  18. Jason dit :

    I purchased this based on Don D review, I’m really looking forward to trying it out. I always buy PHANT Shattter and Budder from this site and I’m hoping this Greasy Pink Dab will satisfy me just as well as those great products. I’ll update you all next week after it arrives. CHEERS!

  19. Fraser dit :

    Very good tasting. Sadly, i got a total of 22 hits. So that’s essentially 4 bucks per hit. Finished it in 2 days. Great smoke, but not worth the price. Gets you high, but not the point of shatter. Highly doubt it’s 92% THC.

  20. Donald dit :

    It’s Finally Been Done! This Greasy Pink Dab Is The Next Gen. In Extracts As I’ve Been Using & Producing Honey/Cherry Oils For Over 3 Decades Wherein Before This Whole Medical Marijuana Crusade We Find Ourselves On Here In Canada Today. It was quite Dangerous & You Just Cannot Get ALL Of The Butane Or Iso Out. Well This Supercritical Extraction Process Uses Neither Hence The Absolute Most Enjoyable Sweet Tasting Cannabis Extract I’ve Had In My 40yrs Of Using Said Plant. I Consider Myself Of The Old School Soul So My Integrity & My Word To Fellow Connoisseurs & Or Growers Globally I TAKE VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED! Honestly People TRY THIS As I Can’t Even Begin To Describe the Amazing Taste & Effect. It’s The SMOOTHEST SMOKE I’VE EVER HAD. An Hour After Trying It For The First Time I Could Still Taste The Sweetness Of It. I Am Ordering More Right After Finishing This Review. A True Treat For The Palate. I Was Also Able To Do My Gardening & Other Daily Chores Too. Just A Teardrop In The Phant Dab Pen Got Me Through The Morning & Afternoon. Truly A Little Dab WILL DO! “PEACE OUT WHITE PALM ROCKS” NOWHERE ELSE Can You Find Such Absolutely Top Shelf Quality Products Extracts, Hashish, Shatter,Budder etc.etc. I’m A Client For Life To Be Sure. & I Can’t Wait To See What’s Next!

    Sincerely: Don D. Namaste,Namaste.

  21. Ian dit :

    Hands down the best tasting smoke i have ever had and the effects were almost instant its a beautiful product

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