Blueberry Kush

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6 réponses à “Blueberry Kush”

  1. David dit :

    Blueberry has got a sweet kick to it so if you like tangerine dream, juicy j and those sweet shatters, defiantly give this one a go.

    Thanks wp.

  2. Tyler dit :

    Very sweet tasting and enjoyable :)

  3. Jonathan dit :


    Very sweet taste and nice high. Great buy.

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  4. Jamie bunn dit :


    Excellent flavor and very enjoyable
    Plus I guess the buzz is pretty damn good too lol.

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  5. Lory dit :

    Blue berry shatter

    Pretty tasty not bad stone

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  6. Josh dit :

    Economically sound

    For the price this is great. But alittle extra gets you phant which is alittle better.
    I love the blueberry varieties offered by both.
    This one came in at 70% THC and .68CBD
    Fairly consistent product. Smooth hitting. Flavour is there… kind of.
    Tastes clean.
    I get a very clear headed high from 5-7 hits. Definitely a product for medicating at work.
    Dulls the constant pain while keeping you coherent and attentive.
    There is a small afternoon burn out, usually easily dealt with by having a fruit smoothie.
    I wouldn’t put this down for a sleep aide, it does work of course, just not as effectively as a stronger strain.
    Still my favourite purchase and bang for you’re buck you can’t go wrong.

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  7. Amber dit :


    This was sweet, however if I’m honest, it wasn’t as good as I expected from the terps of the blueberrr strain, but for the pricepoint it definitely is worth it.. generally speaking, I’m a sucker for blueberry, but this definitely carries the buzz, the terps just don’t stand out as much as I’d prefer…

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  8. Howie dit :


    This shatter is awesome its got that old school skunky flavour with a hint of blueberry nice relaxed high I like to have a couple dabs of this before bed then its off to lala land!

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