Bubba Kush Shatter

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9 réponses à “Bubba Kush Shatter”

  1. Mathieu dit :

    Awesome shatter

    Love the flavor ! Awesome shatter i recomended for everyone

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  2. john dit :

    Good solid buzz

    This is a good shatter, nothing super special but all around great effects. The good thing about this is that it won’t knock you out after a long session, it keeps you steadily feeling relaxed and euphoric but it never seems to get out of hand one way or the other. I guess that can be seen as good or bad, I like having options so having something that is a good strong indica but won’t put you to sleep is a good thing. Green and Gold is good, and good for the money, especially the 3g pack for 110.

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  3. Joe dit :

    I tried this as part of the Green Gold Shatter sample pack. I’m leaning towards this being my favourite of the 3. It has a good balance of head-feel/vs/body-feel, but with just a slight more focus on the head-feel. Also has a very nice earthy/mossy flavour. Good relaxing medicine.

  4. Ryan dit :

    Great buzz, terrible taste!

    The effects and medical side of this was right on the money but the taste was way off. Very chemical type taste. Tried different methods but the results stayed the same.

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  5. Evan dit :

    So I have actually had a few grams of this now. It’s not bad. I believe it has a required taste, it’s just not for me. The buzz is fast and hard but I feel like it’s not very smooth with the taste. Easily bareable. But I would pick something with a different flavour

  6. Jason dit :

    Soooo tasty

    WOW, this shatter has an amazing taste and buzz. This extract was amazing and will be on my list of re orders for sure. Highly recommend everyone to try this at least once!

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  7. Étienne dit :

    good buzz

    good buzz , its indica so expect to sleep quick.

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  8. Lucas dit :

    Good stuff!

    Great potent and pungent taste, awesome buzz if you just wanna relax, definitely would recommend

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  9. Amber dit :

    good body buzz, good fro headaches, but lacking tastiness…

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  10. Angel dit :

    Oh my goodness ?

    I have always enjoyed a really good shatter, which is hard to find where i live. When I found this bubba shatter i fell head over heels in love with it. I suffer from really really bad p.t.s.d and 2 small dabs of this and bye bye flashbacks. Thank you so very much whaite plaam! I don’t know what I would do without you guys.

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  11. John dit :


    Tried the White Rhino, Rainbow and Bubba Kush. I love the taste and balance of the product. Highly recommended.

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