Shatter Lemon Haze

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16 réponses à “Lemon Haze Shatter”

  1. Mathieu dit :

    Awesome , love this shatter

  2. john dit :


    I could honestly feel my legs tingling with this variety, I’ve never had such a strong pick me up from a shatter before. I enjoyed the taste on this one, especially exhaling I could really taste the lemony background flavour. As a sativa i felt like I would enjoy this variety and it was better than I could’ve expected, the coolest thing is to use it at the end of a session to perk back up; it really works. Nice to have a different shatter option than all the kush varieties.

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  3. Lisa dit :

    I am more of an indica lover but this one is amazing. I have chronic pain that affects my life badly, and this relieved me enough to get things done.

    Very good products and great service from White Palm

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  4. Brandon dit :

    Very nice flavour. The perfect amount of lemon compliments the karate chop taste of iconic heavy but decent thc vapour! A nice energized consistent high. No real burn out at all.

  5. Josh dit :

    Not in Shatter Form

    Pretty good stuff however it showed up looking more like black resin then actual gold shatter….still tasty but was expecting a better look for it

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  6. Joe dit :

    I tried this variety as part of the Green Gold sample pack. Out of the 3, this one had the best balance of Headfeel/bodyfeel. It also had the best flavour. I enjoyed the sweet zesty undertone.

  7. Phil dit :

    Great flavor! Nice kick! Highly recommend this one!

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  8. Phil dit :

    Great flavor!

    Highly recommend this one! Great flavor and strong like bull!

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  9. peter dit :


    Product came as advertised…thanks White Palm.Nice energized effects followed by uplifted relaxed sensation that keeps on going.I will purchase this product again.

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  10. Jeff dit :

    Beautiful Sativa, with a touch less THC. A Great bargain, and for the responsible shatter user, plenty potent. Highly recommended, Average packaging…Sorry guys, Like the graphic, hate the plastic container. I’m being ultra picky, nice gear!

  11. Shane dit :

    Good morning

    Very productive got me up good stativa with amazing flavor 5/5 tasty..

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  12. Evan dit :

    Yeah I love this stuff. It’s always consistent with flavour and stability. I think it’s awesome you can actually taste the lemon. First dab was the best.

  13. Ron dit :

    Très bien.

    Clean great price , cant wait ro get more

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  14. jeremy dit :


    great morning time daytime stuff wasnt as strong tasting as the tangerine dream but was a great enjoyable high if u have ptsd or suffer from depression this is the bad boy 4 u i rate a four star cause i find the thc could b a bit higher to make it the bees knees .
    once again delivery 2 days and great service from these guys anyone ordering from getwhite palm 4 the 1st time do be aare they r the best service and u have nuthing to ever worry about great customer care

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  15. David dit :

    My favourite daytime use shatter. Keeps me going till evening time.

  16. Kevin dit :

    Great taste, easy to work with and quite potent. ?

  17. Henry dit :

    This is good stuff. First time trying green gold. It’s good stuff. Great taste, really smooth, and great high. 2 thumbs up.

  18. James dit :

    I thot is was very tasty and dose the trick..thanks

  19. robert dit :

    love it

    will be buying again just a great taste great high that dose not hurt the pocket book

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  20. Aaron dit :

    Great shatter! Smoked a few dabs and cleaned my entire apartment… very energizing! Will definitely be getting this again! Also has a wonderful lemon taste to it!

  21. Jerome dit :

    1 time buying at whitpalm….Im a sativa lover and that one is fantastic ….yesterday I tried it for the 1 time,no down at all…super happy all the day long…and it make me clean my garage …really happy ,will reorders for sure…

    À la base,je suis un amateur de sativa.Ce shatter ne m’a pas decu!!!Je l’ai essayé hier….et j’ai été séduit par les effets,aucun down.Me permet de fonctionner toute la journée……j’ai nettoyer mon garage au complet….trop content!!Je vais re-commander,c’est sur

  22. Nicolas dit :

    This is Gold

    Perfect for the day. Give a quick boost of happiness and energy. WE NEED MORE SATIVA SHATTER!!

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  23. Pier-olivier dit :


    One word SATIVA , at that price…. !!!!
    The taste and appearence are 10/10

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  24. Thomas dit :

    This shatter is perfect for me to be able to get up in the morning and complete daily tasks and get my job done at work without feeling drowsy. Has a great smell and taste but isn’t the smoothest when taking a larger hit, overall I’d rate it a 7/10 and would probably purchase it again

  25. Anikula dit :

    I love the taste of this product it helps you relax with out putting you to sleep

  26. Conor dit :


    This is my dancing smoke. I picked up the Phant Dab Pen along with 1g of Lemon Shatter, and now I can discreetly get into the “zone” at anytime, even at the club! Always turns the music into a near-spiritual experience. Definitely some tingling with bigger hits.

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  27. Nadine dit :

    When Life Gives You Lemons...

    When life gives you lemons you hope Green Gold can make lemon haze shatter! Barring the plastic container the shatter comes packaged in everything else about this brand is really good. The shatter itself is a solid slab with incredible clarity, golden but not dark. The effects give one an uplifting sativa buzz which I found lasted longer than the other lemon haze strains I’ve tried. It didn’t leave any black in my banger and is excellent at both a low and even a higher heat dab temp. If you like a cerebral high with the capability yet to focus and get things done then this is the shatter for you! Recommended and will purchase again.

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  28. Khoa420 dit :

    The name say it all

    Yup ! A lemon taste , that’s what you will get . Flavorfull and fruity . 100% sativa , no body buzz , it’s all in the head . Very affordable in a pack of 3 .

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  29. Nicholas dit :

    Nice and smooth!

    Very nice and smooth, wasn’t expecting so much out of it but it did so much more! Will definitely purchase again, well worth the price, it lasted me so long!

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