Ultra Master Kush

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13 réponses à “Ultra Master Kush”

  1. Jonathan dit :

    Green Gold Rocks

    I’ve found that I haven’t yet had anything bad tasting for this site. The products r high quality and do the trick. Treat yourself and see. Much respect for green gold products.

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  2. Mike dit :

    Pas mal.

    This shatter isn’t bad. Packaging is a little difficult as the pop top doesn’t come off with ease and I have to worry about my shatter going flying upon opening. Good taste and decent buzz. Higher than average CBD keeps anxiety demons away. Good for price

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  3. Lindsay dit :

    This product is incredible a little goes a long way. Excellent for sleep. I literally fell asleep with a chicken finger in my hand last night. Excellent for pain. If you’re trying to be discrete it’s a lil stanky… But in a good way.

  4. Lindsay dit :

    Im fairly new to the world of shatter but this one is Ahhhhhmazing. Nice head high and body melt.

  5. Rebecca dit :

    I ordered this product as it had the highest amount of thc% cause I wanted to try a new product. I get the product in the mail and read the packaging to find out the amounts do not march what is posted online. So I’m a little disappointed!!!

  6. robert dit :


    was told to try some from my bud
    so I got some and ya was good not bad good taste

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  7. John dit :

    Vous obtenez ce que vous payez

    Not bad, but far from being great in any sense. A bit harsh, and clogs up my vape like crazy. I have had shatter from dozens of suppliers, and this stuff just did not vape like any of the others. LOTS of residue. Probably wasted about 25% of it, at least, just because it doesn’t vape properly.

    Other varieties of the GG stuff were the same, clogged pipes.

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  8. mitchell dit :

    one hoot in a vape pen and this great tasting shatter becomes your master try it you will see for yourself self gooooooood stuff

  9. Mike dit :

    I didn’t really care for the taste, but it’s not terrible, had much worse.
    Totally delivered as far as potency goes though, primo goodness at a great price.

  10. Étienne dit :

    As a heavy shatter user i gotta say this one is my favorite to get knock out . With 81% thc its not for the weak trust me !!

  11. amanda dit :

    I’m a very heavy smoker so shatter does not really do much for me but this one was alright great taste also! 1 star for shipping however I ordered on a Wednesday and got my package on Monday….second time I ordered on a Tuesday still I receive my package on a Monday

  12. Paul dit :

    Great body high, Out of the three in the indica pack this one was definitely my favorite although I found it to be less stable and darker than the lemon haze and bubbs.

  13. Bryan dit :

    Smoothlight taste

    I bought a 3 pack once and I most certainly will be reordering again. there’s 3 different sealed packs, really helps me pace myself opposed to one pack of 3grams… The taste is great, the effects are great, the packaging is great (plastic container instead of parchment paper). (only complaint not one piece of shatter it had broken into smaller pieces but for the price can’t complain) product weighed in a .99 gram on my freshly calibrated scale, will be reordering this weekend!

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  14. Ron dit :

    Highly recommended nice taste

  15. jeremy dit :


    ordered this strain it came very quick and was a huge looking count . great color and once i tried this beast wow did it pack the punch really grabs u by the throat than followed by a tingley feeling throughout ur body works great for pain relief.

    great strain thank u

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  16. Evan dit :

    I have tried a few different batches of ultramaster from Phant. It’s always very clean and stable. I have noticed the taste has fainted mildly. My first purchase of phant was so loud with taste then now. None the less all phant’s shatter has a taste you will love.

  17. Shane dit :

    Powerful product

    Great All in all one of my favorites for the price. 4/5 for flavour AAA+for the heavy couch lock very relaxing..

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  18. Shane dit :

    Taste really good. Gives you a really nice high! 8/10

  19. Joe dit :

    I tried this variety as part of the Green Gold sample pack. Out of the 3 varieties, this one was by-far the cleanest hitting and tasting. Not a tonne of Head high, but a very relaxing body high. Good for sitting and getting intellectual work done.

  20. Devon dit :

    Master kush is one of my favs. This extract is no exception, smooth, strong, one of the cleanest burning products to hit the banger yet, low on flavor but 9 out of 10 on quality…. PREEMO! Have munchies ready.

  21. john dit :

    Très bien.

    Ultra master is my favourite of the Green Gold so far, it is very light/clear yellow, hard, and tastes very clean. The effects are very strong, you don’t notice how big a rip you’re taking because it’s so smooth then it hits you. I felt very strong pain relief and euphoria from this variety, both helped me with depression and insomnia.
    One problem I had, I bought two packs, one was as I described above, the other, not so much. There was such a difference between the two packs I am almost certain that another variety was mislabelled. It also has a very strange taste, maybe the first one was so clean and pure that anything else seemed bad in comparison, I don’t know, but something was seriously up with that second gram I bought.

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  22. Riley dit :

    Good Deal!

    I also have to disagree with the above comment. I have tried several types of green gold and haven’t been disappointed. Taste isn’t as strong as phat but its still some tasty and boy does it pack a punch! very strong at 81% thc not for the light smoker.

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  23. Mathieu dit :

    This shatter is not named ultra master for nothing damm this is some serious sh** ? ! Real amateur should have to try it

  24. Bryant dit :

    This is delicious and one of the best ever. No clue what this other guy is talking about lol

  25. Jason McCallum dit :

    Any conausseur to the cause should be able to agree the taste is horrible!

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