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Faible Med Haut

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4 réponses à “Hammer OG – Up to 40% OFF”

  1. Arnold dit :

    I cant say I’m disappointed , nice smell, rolled easy , decent flavor ,

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  2. Mat Babiak dit :

    Sub par quality, great smell, meh taste, and good but not great effects

    Stringy, loose, “sativa” looking buds, popcorn small and leafy. Very much looks like bottom of the bag leftover, but it’s on sale and the description says it didn’t come out great so it’s expected at least.

    Description says grape and lime smell and Leafly says pine & sweet. I can say that this did have a great fruity citrus smell with some mint in there, and when ground up it has a great sour lemon citrus zest smell to it with some dill thrown in – it’s actually really great just to smell. However, on consumption it was really mostly a sour and dill type flavor with the citrus on the muted side, and not a good aftertaste. Effects were good though, relaxing with nothing to complain about. Wouldn’t get it again though, really wish the flavor profile matched the great smell.

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  3. Rick Rose dit :


    Wasn’t happy with this at all. The description said nugs were a little smaller than usual but what I received was all Tiny little popcorn nugs. Have smoked it a number of times now, and the strain is not nearly as strong as I was expecting, and the high was not long lasting at all.. leaving me smoking more than I usually would have to. Highland is my favourite grower here on WP, and I’ve always loved their stuff, but I would not order this strain again.

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  4. Bill dit :

    Looking at it

    I’m looking forward to giving this a try. It is true the bugs are a bit small butit smells nice and I’m looking forward to having it as my first draw of the day (which I now sadly have to leave until after I’ve done my driving for the day ….. mainly) but I’m going to have it by itself with no other and then I’ll post a report

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