Juicy OG Terpene Sauce (0.5g)

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6 réponses à “Juicy OG Terpene Sauce (0.5g)”

  1. Steven Weiss dit :

    She’s strong in average doses.
    Too expensive.
    Def felt like solving quadratic equations after two nice dabs. Ended up watching hockey on tv.
    Flavour: 8.4/10
    Diamonds: 7.6/10
    Feelings: 7.8/9 ??

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  2. Paul dit :

    Thank you very much for bringing this back.

    Terp sauce for the hwiiiin. A little pricey but 100% worth it. Stay away from BHO products. Saving a couple pennies doesn’t beat tasting and feeling the effects of true extracts.

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  3. Martin dit :


    giving 4 stars instead of 5 simply because of the absurd price… this should be $100/g or less. However it IS AWESOME! Super potent and tastes awesome in my vaporizer! My lid would nearly completely off the container when it arrived, however no product loss. I’d buy this again if it was $100, but not at $140. Gotta take it easy, will destroy your tolerance.

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  4. Brian dit :


    Appearance 10/10 small clear shards that look like broken glass floating around in the clearest most golden nectar i have ever seen,stuff almost looks like jello, then when stick your dabber in it you realize those chunks are hard like sand!
    Aroma 11/10 terpy potent golden nectar scent sent straight from heaven! DROOL….
    Flavor 11/10 strong delicious terpy golden og nectar, smooth and easy going in small doses,expansive and devastating in large doses, go LARGE! Exquisite and fine!
    Active effects 12/10 smooth but strong in smaller doses, AWESOME and devastating in LARGER doses!,no pain will be felt, but now let me tell you i have not slept so good years!,this stuff took care of my pain ALL NIGHT!, Seriously i woke up this morning feeling better than i have in 20 years!, so refreshed and energized! pain free and feeling like i got lucky last night!, i was almost unable to recognize my body this morning it felt so good! my pain has kept from a whole night’s sleep like that for so long i forgot that it was even possible…I feel like i just spent a week on a beach in Hawaii!, i have not,i have been working outside all week in minus -20>-30…
    Overall 11/10 THANK YOU SO MUCH!, last night’s sleep alone covered the cost of purchase, i just wish i could afford to sleep every night…
    I understand supply and demand so i am not going to cry about the price, however if this stuff was around $80/gram i think i would have no problem making sure to order some with every order,expensive? yes! worth a try? HELL YES!

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  5. Eric dit :

    It's back!!!

    WP friends! this is definately your night time, 5 minutes before bed, high ;) you are welcomed! 10 stars!!!!!

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  6. Aysia dit :

    Can I um....

    I’m struggling to type right now. This sauce is heavy omg my eyes r basically glued shut. Will give more of an update when I wake from the high lol omggggg

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