Holy Grail Kush

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Faible Med Haut

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Une réponse à “Holy Grail Kush”

  1. Jason dit :

    Will be ordering this again for sure!

    Nice dense flowers, amazing sweet smell while cutting these sweet delicate flowers. Will be ordering this again for sure!

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  2. greg dit :

    Once I smoked some I was immediately energized. Loved the taste. The high was enjoyable all the way to the end. Great product

  3. John dit :

    I was super excited to try another OG/Kush mix, I loved OG kush. I’ll admit to not loving this the first time I tried it. The smoke was nice, flavorful and perhaps a bit amorphous in that regard as I would have a hard time picking out the flavours that were present. In any case, I found the high to be very energetic and I felt quite twitchy most of the time.

    I reccomend using this with some OG Kush and Hindu Kush; I call it holy trinity Kush, the three strains compliment each other well and you get some energy with nice deep body relaxation, which might seem odd but if you are chronically ill with high levels of pain it’s amazing to be free and energetic!

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