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Faible Med Haut

East Van Boutique's killer strains, uniquely cured and they never touch plastic bags. Shipped in hard protective containers to protect the trichomes and gorgeous trim. Introducing the Imperial Kush.

Imperial Kush derives from OG Kush and some other famous West Coast clones that we’re not allowed to know about because it’s the secret SAAAAAuuuUCCeeee.

With gradual but powerful bodily effects, this strain comes across as high potency flowers typical of OG Kush strains along with a sweet fruity flavor likened to sour gummy candy. Some grape sour gummy candy. Yum.

Effets :
Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy
Médical :
Pain, Insomnia, Stress
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East Van Boutique

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The most cared for Small Batch, truly Craft Cannabis in Canada.  Our goal is to deliver Pristine Exotic Flowers to you with every Trichome intact. Sticky and Smelly every time.

4 réponses à “Imperial Kush”

  1. Joshua dit :

    Killer bud!

    A must try for all seasoned users. Great for night usage.

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  2. Valentine dit :

    Wiped me out

    A strong Indica strain that will put you to sleep. I tried this at 2:30 pm and fell asleep at 3:15 pm. Not exactly what I wanted in the middle of the day.

    For those who like Indica, this may be what you are looking for … kushy feelings. The smell is strong and smooth smoking. You expect that for $400 an oz.

    Legal weed has made pricing in the grey market look like a steal. This is as good or better than those $12 to $16 a gram legal weed. This blows those products away. Yea, it’s expensive but as long as you deliver top quality it’s OK. It’s the bushweed being sold by Canna Farms, Edison and Emerald that makes this product shine. So, in that context, give this a try if you like Indicas.

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  3. K S dit :

    Was expecting more

    For the price i thought it needs maybe 5-6 more % thc. But decent buds. Good for new users looking for a good smoke

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  4. Clinton dit :

    iMPeRiaLS withOut THy DaRK-SiDe and "CLEANasCanBE"

    I had the pleasure of trying some of FELLA FACADES “iMPeRiaL KuSh” which was the very first strain that I’d ever tried from THy EVB…

    •Initially I was kinda taken back by the total lack of appearance/quality but I think that was only because of always having read how ToP NoTcH East Van Boutiques products are/were.

    •The “FRAGRANCE” however was very strong 10/5 and to absolutely die for and or from if you hated the smell of Cannabis ?!?
    •The “FLAVOUR” was also a 10/5 and totally amazing, if my eyes were closed I wouldnt of thought it was the same strain just from the initial look, bag appeal or simply the lack of…
    •The “FEELING” was a great 10/5 but to be completely honest it wasn’t the heaviest of Indicas but it was so very clean from the very beginning to very end.
    The Ashes were as white as snow, no burnout after the munchies and gently fell asleep and stayed asleep just fine. Also woke up without the feeling of being to burnt out or lethargic…
    Like I said, “CLEAN as can BE”

    I’d give this strain a serious 3/3 with regards to FELLA FACADES Cannabis TRIPLE”F”TEST…

    Please try to understand “everybody” that GETWHITEPALM is a site for the true Canadian Cannabis Connoisseurs and Craftsman.
    The sale price chosen doesn’t just reflect the strength of the Cannabis strain itself but rather everything and anything the Growers/Creators had to invest (past/present/future) to achieve the desired quality and traits of a certain strain from the seed to the smoke.

    CheeRs from cLiNTy And thanks again for everything DeAnOBrO !!!

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