Raw Cannabis Sugar Packet

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0 réponses à “Raw Cannabis Sugar Packet”

  1. Amanda dit :

    This was the best! I loved it in my nighttime tea and slept like a rock- which is hard for me! I can’t wait for restock!

  2. Angel dit :

    Very good sugar gives yiur ciffee a nice little kick i use 2 packets and im gold lol

  3. Lory dit :

    Taste ok but not enough for me

  4. Akeela dit :

    i liked the taste of it thankswent well with tea would try again

  5. Kristy dit :

    I ordered one packet and loved the calming effects it gave me when I mixed it with my morning Iced Cappucino… 5 stars! Tastes just like sugar….

  6. Henry dit :

    This stuff is great in morning coffee. Great buzz. This is a must get. Or even the big jar.. To be safe. 10/10

  7. James dit :

    Adds a great little kick and flavour to a coffee for sure. Perfect amount for a 10 Oz cup. Going to have to order the larger amount next and try it out in some baking as well.

  8. leah dit :

    ive been buying these packets to test out the sugar, received another order of them this week. i absolutely love saturday morning coffees with this sugar. one packet is all i need in my mug. the buzz lasts a very long time. i find that im super creative or sometimes hyper aware. yet im soooo totally chilled out. my body feels so great. no pain. just relaxed.
    i havent tried baking with it. i did dip strawberries in it for breakfast one morning and that was delicious!
    i recommend trying half a packet the first time. give it 30 mins and decide if you need the rest. first couple times i was good with just half. such a bargain.
    final note: a really great mellow happy high that lasts a very long time and at the price its a total deal.
    i will be making the jump next and buying a full jar.

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