Jacky White

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3 réponses à “Jacky White”

  1. Liam dit :

    I really enjoy this strain. Taste reminds me of the jack herer. I usually go between jacky white and moby dick… both are reliable go to strains on this site. Give it a shot you won’t be disappointed .

  2. Frederic Lavallee dit :

    I recived it today and taste so good..help me with my anxiety thanks gwp

  3. Donald dit :

    I’m one Very Fussy Cannabis Connoisseur & I Currently Use another Medical Marijuana Producer for “My Flower Power” LOL. However, Jacky White is one of the Very Few Strains I’ll reach Outside of said Producer to Obtain it’s sweet smell & like taste had me from the start. Not Usually a Sativa fan @ All this One has My Vote and I look Forward to Ordering it Many More Times. Sincerely: Don D.

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  4. john dit :

    Surprising Body Effects

    I like this variety a lot, I was pleasantly surprised by how hard it hit my body for a 75% Sativa. It was very uplifting and energizing but at the same time I felt a lot of pain relief; those two effects don’t always go together for me so I am very happy with it. The smell was pungent, I guess it was citrus but I kept thinking hash when I smelled it and then I could taste that even more when I vaped it. Overall it’s a good hybrid that combines the best of both worlds, at least the way I like them.

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  5. Riley dit :

    Up beat but relaxing

    A powerful smelling strain very citrusy when i first opened the bag. With plenty of crystal and high thc content this is a great upper whenever you are feeling sleepy or unmotivated. Picked me right up but also relaxed my body so no anxiety throughout the day! Very smooth smoke and decent sized buds that were quite dense.

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  6. Andrew dit :

    I wanted to try jacky white based on my experiences with Jack herer and white widow. For me it were the sativa properties that stuck out. It allowed me to keep my mind going even at the end of a long day when all I wanted to do Was shut down. Strong strain that put my mind into overdrive and has a very distinct taste and smell to it.

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